What did you see first, The Skull or the Woman? psychological exam

A new “What did you see first?” it’s making the rounds on the internet and it can tell you a lot about how you feel on the inside. If a skull is the image that your sight deciphers at the moment, you should not worry, but if what you see first is a woman, then you should think about things a little more.

The mind projects different types of things depending on where we are going, however this test is made by important psychologists in the world in which you can only see two things and which will make you reflect. Social networks are exploding with this new method as many claim not to see any women while others do not conceive of finding the skull.

What did you see first, The Skull or the Woman?  psychological exam

If you saw the skull first, it means this:

Many say that visualizing a skull somewhere is about the death or death of a loved one, but this is far from what this test actually shows if you find the image we are talking about.

This skull means strength and being ready for new challenges. It also means that the material is one of the problems that worries you but above all because you want to find the “Meaning of life” as quickly as possible until you despair. Although this may sound a bit mean it is also about you being a confident leader and if you follow your path everything will be fine. You are very intelligent and you will know how to solve your easy problems if you concentrate and put in the maximum effort.

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If you saw the woman first, it means this:

If the first image you distinguished in this drawing is a woman, then you have inner fatigue. In these moments you are surely going through a strong problem at work or in the family, although you could also feel confused with love. You must focus on the things that matter and stay relaxed from everything that is on you.

One of the things that the experts say is that someone around you may steal the energy that you possess. If you are in a relationship that does not help you emotionally or at work, then you should walk away forever. Your creativity has no limits so you should get the most out of it.

If you saw the woman first, it means this:

Now that you know what each of these images means that the entire Internet is commenting on these days, you should take into account what they are trying to tell you. Share this psychological test with all your friends, co-workers, and family so that they too can take an internal test so that they can improve.

Remember that each one of these drawings is created with the desire that the person who looks at it can understand that despite the fact that in their life they may be happy, there is always something that can be improved, as well as if you feel that you have a very big problem that you cannot you can solve since you don’t know what it is, with this you will understand what is best for your life.

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