Tutorial to become Eddie from Iron Maiden

Is it already Halloween and you still don’t know what to dress up as? Don’t you want to dress up as the fashionable character since there will be thousands of them? Watch this video tutorial on how to make yourself look like Eddie from Iron Maiden.

Eddie from Iron Maiden Walkthrough

If you are a fan of the best heavy metal band then this is the costume you should wear. Become one of the stage icons of all time and be the center of attention with this Eddie makeup.

If the versions of this mask that are sold online are not within your reach or Skull Masks  for Halloween are not your thing, with this great Makeup you will not have to worry about anything since you can chat with your friends, drink and eat in any moment.

This strange half zombie half mummy creature is perfect to show off this Halloween because even if you are not a follower, it is ideal to participate in a Contest or be the scariest at the party.

Story of Eddie from Iron Maiden

But how was it that this character was born and until today it has been used by the band for more than 30 years? The idea came from the band’s lead vocalist, Dennis Wilcock, who was inspired by KISS as he loved to paint his face and spill gallons of fake blood on stage.

But Eddie had no shape until the singer withdrew from the group and Steve Harris (bassist and leader) wanted to replace his friend’s persona with a backstage figure. Rod Smallwood, the band’s manager explained how the idea of ​​having Eddie was created:

“Eddie was born out of the fact that the band members were very shy, so we had to come up with a creature to stand up for them.” For this they needed an expert in graphic design like Derek Rigg who created the character and gave him different morphologies until the year 92.

Name of Eddie from Iron Maiden

Eddie’s name was not exactly “Special” or thought for a long time in Harris’s head, but comes from something much simpler than normal:

“Eddie’s name comes from the habit of many Londoners of eating the ‘h’ when they speak, so that ‘Ed’ would come to be a derivation of ‘head’ [head], and ‘Eddie’ would be a natural evolution of ‘ Ed.”

Iron Maden Eddie’s Best Makeup

As if that were not enough, on the official Iron Maiden Facebook page they shared this video where they gave it a “Okay” since there are hundreds of tutorials on Yotube trying to imitate one of the most famous “mascots” of the genre but that only This was the one they liked the most.

Although the director is an important makeup artist who today has 2.5 million subscribers, the steps are quite specific so that you do not have any problems when it comes to transforming into this characteristic character.

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