Tutorial: Learn to draw a skull with spray

If you are a Graffiti artist you like to draw with spray, with this simple tutorial we teach you how to make a skull with a paint can. The video of the “Entivoo” Channel has managed to collect a large number of views since it was published on the YouTube platform.

As can be seen in the description of the video, you can read how the entire creation process will be done until the end of this: «This course will take you step by step in the creation of Graffiti, from the sketch to the final details. The course includes the creation of letters and characters. During the course the materials to be used are described, details to consider, some tips, among other things that you should know if you want to do Graffiti.»

In just 14 minutes, the artist manages to put together a whole skull on a black background with shades of green with yellow edges. The comments on the platform are excellent since they have given very good ratings to the final result. In the same way, in terms of the number of “Likes”, it has close to a thousand likes that support the finish.

So far the clip has reached 154,053 views since it was uploaded to the channel that has more than 121,341 subscribers that is dedicated to teaching people how to create different pieces as needed by the topic. If you enter the videos you can see how to learn how to draw a skull in a spray can even in 3D effect remote control cars.

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In another of the courses that you can also find on the YouTube channel, you can learn to draw a human face in aerosol spray in the same way that the skull was created. The technique and colors that are used are the same, so if you want to practice first with this drawing it will be much better since, although it has the same details as the previous one, the shape of the base is much simpler.

It only took him 14 minutes to make this piece of art and so far it has accumulated 43,320 views since it was posted on the channel. The artist is the same as the creator of the skull and has other videos that you can find on the site.

In the video titled “Draw a cartoon with spray” you can also practice the same techniques as in the past videos since the artist remains the same. The clip has managed to collect 38,640 views and it only takes a couple of minutes as long as the first part is the presentation of the final skull.

Do you like skulls and spray drawing? So be sure to watch the main video that we have left at the beginning of the post and if you want to practice little by little you can go on doing the later videos since they are a little easier than they can really be seen.

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