Top 10 Punk Bands

The punk bands that have existed and those that will come out later will always be present to integrate future lists of this genre, however until this year the website «Listas 20 minutos» already made a ranking of the 10 best punk bands and these are the results.

Talking Heads (Position 10)

Created in the year 1974 in the United States by David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth. The band came to have 8 important albums, however in 1991 it broke up. Already in 2011, Rolling Stone magazine gave them the 100th place of the best artists of all time.

The Damned (Position 9)

Talking about The Damned is having to say that they were the initiators of many things, including the movement of the punk genre in the UK (United Kingdom), as well as founders of the gothic rock genre.

Blondie (Position 8)

Created 3 years before Talking Heads, Blondie (1971) has sold more than 50 million records in its entire history despite having been away for a long time for different reasons. They are currently still active and in 2017

The Stooges (Position 7)

The year 1967 was one of the crucial years for the history of music. In Detroit, United States, The Stooges was created and with it other bands thanks to the fact that they were the first of the garage rock and punk subculture.

Black Flag (Position 6)

Pioneers of the hardcore punk sound, Black Flag, which was created in 1976, is considered one of the best punk bands of all time on this website for all that it has contributed to music.

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Dead Kennedys (Position 5)

Controversial as they are, the Dead Kennedys is a punk rock and hardcore punk band that was founded in 1970 until 1986. 4 albums are what support them to be in this location.

The Clash (Position 4)

The musical complicity that this band had makes their position secure. Between the years of 1976, where it was created, until 1986, when it was dissolved, he made important songs that we continue to hear to this day.

Sex Pistols (Position 3)

London, 1975, the Sex Pistols were created and considered the main authors of the punk movement in the UK. This was also the band that inspired many other artists of the genre.

Ramones (Position 2)

In 1996 the world went roaring when the Ramones band broke up, never to return to this day. Despite the fact that the band is very important in the world of music, it has not been able to reach first place, although this second place is not unworthy.

Green Day (Position 1)

To say Green Day or Billie Joe Armstrong is to say The greatest punk band of all time. The song 21 Guns is one of the most representative of the band that was originally called Sweet Children.

Do you agree with this list? Leave us your comment if you are or if you would like another band to be in this ranking. Also let us know if Green Day is the best band in this genre or if you think the Ramones should have taken this place.

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