The Skull – Horror Tales

Do you like horror stories or are you a big fan of scary stories? So this story that you will read next will make your hair stand on end as soon as you start the first paragraph. Lie on your bed and make yourself comfortable because this story will make you unable to sleep.

The following story is real and comes from the channel “Eternal Fear” which was dedicated to making cruel jokes but in its last video decided to tell a horror story that one of its subscribers sent, but in a much darker way. The channel has more than 19 thousand people but for some reason they stopped uploading videos.

The skull – horror stories

José, a boy of only 15 years old who did not believe in ghosts, witches or anything related to the occult. He lived with his family, which was made up of his mom, dad, and sister, in a humble wooden house. His mother, who got pregnant once again, could not have the baby in such a place, so she agreed with José’s father to ask for a loan and build a new house with better materials.

The problem that would arise was that while the house was being manufactured, they would not be able to live, so a trusted neighbor suggested that they go live in her home, which she had not lived in for a long time. They gladly accepted but that lady only had one condition for them to stay in the house, they should not enter her room since her private things were there besides “Ramiro”.

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The Skull - Horror Stories

When he heard the name, José wondered who this Ramiro was, to which the neighbor made them enter the room to show them who he was. Once inside, the lady took an object wrapped in red flannel from an altar. When she removed the cloth, there was a skull that, according to her, protected the house. They decided not to tell her sister what had happened and finish the move.

The first day the young man could not sleep despite the fact that his sister slept with her in the same room since they had a cabin and that was the case for several nights since “Ramiro’s” room was in front of him. He got used to it and was able to begin to close his eyes with complete peace of mind. He sometimes got up at 12 at night but it was as if the skull was never there.

But one night the doorknob began to shake like someone trying to enter, so José got very scared and called his father, he left the next room but found no one and went back to sleep. The noise returned but his father told him that he did not see anyone. With great fear the next day he waited at 12 next to his dog to see if the same thing happened since the events occurred at that time.

At first the dog did not react to the sound but then it got up and began to howl. 7 days after the move, his grandmother who lived a couple of houses away told him that it could be “Ramiro” so she told him to put a tub of water outside her room. That day did not happen, so he thought it would be a coincidence but the next night he put the empty tub in and the noises started, this made him put the tub in with water every day until they moved out.

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The skull - horror stories

He was never able to ask the lady what had happened, so the following year, when the lady returned from a trip, José intercepted her and asked her to please tell him what had happened. If you want to know the end of the story, then press Play, the video will start from this final part and let your body be amazed by the lady’s response.

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