The legend of “The Mass of the Skulls”

Legends often tell us stories of how some shortcuts, monuments and even entire cities were made, however there are also others that not only give your body a tremor as soon as you start listening to them but also make you think that if it happens to you something similar, you could not count it.

This story will make your hair stand on end just by reading it, but if what you want is to listen or if you also prefer to close your eyes and focus on it, we leave you the video at the bottom of this post so you can press play on YouTube.

The legend of “The Mass of the Skulls”

According to the residents and this time replicated by a youtuber from the same place, this happened in PĂ©njamo, Guanajuato. The Masses in the morning, the 5 in the morning knock, were recurring many years ago and still are, but a little later, around 7, but what happened to this woman was not in any of these schedules but at a much darker time.

It is said that a woman from the town upon hearing the church bells, upon falling asleep, only managed to get dressed quickly to go out and not arrive later than it was already for the mass at that time. At that time there was not so much public lighting so the streets were dark and gloomy for what seemed like a normal day.

This nun, who never missed daytime masses, seeing that there were many people already installed, sat at the back of the church, however, she noticed something strange this time, the father’s voice was not the same as always, in addition to giving the ceremony of backs although this was normal for that time.

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The legend of "The Mass of the Skulls"

The event that occurred was nothing compared to what would happen later, to the point that it made the lady practically detach her soul from her body. Once when he listened to the entire Mass and was waiting for the father’s blessing to be able to go home calmly, he observed that when he turned around to the assistants, his face and hands were without meat, even a skull that had just come out of his grave. .

Much worse was the surprise when he saw that the people around him also looked the same as the priest, so he could only run away after shouting to heaven. The lady ran in such a way that her body couldn’t take it anymore and she fell to the ground and then fainted from the shock at the door itself.

Some sentinels passing through the place noticed the lady lying down so they went to help her since it was not normal for someone to be on the ground at 3 in the morning. When she woke up she told them what had happened but they did not believe her since it was very difficult for that to happen to such an extent that they told her that she was crazy.

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