The legend of the 13 crystal skulls of the Maya

One of the most important legends in the world is that of the Mayans and their 13 skulls that they distributed throughout the planet after having received them as an inheritance from the population of Atlantis before what we all know happened with their civilization. It is said that if one day these skulls meet in the same place, that day humanity will be able to obtain the wisdom of the Atlanteans.

Until today, only 8 of the total have been found and here we tell you what is said about each of them as well as the year in which it was discovered as well as the place where it was found:

The 13 crystal skulls of the Maya

  • Skull Of Doom, also known as “Skull of Destiny” or “Skull of Destiny” this was found by Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedge in a temple. Its appearance is very similar to a human skull of a woman and is made of Quartz Crystal as well as a jointed jaw.
  • British Skull, the difference between this skull and the skull of destiny is that it has a fixed jaw. The way in which it was found is unknown since the British Museum only got it from the jeweler Tiffany’s in New York in 1998.
  • Sha-Na-Ra skull, was found in 1995 by Nick Nocerino in Mexico who is said to have used psychic techniques to find out its location.
  • Mayan Skull, It was found in the country of Gutemala in 1912 and according to studies they say that it has been made of Quartz. The person who had it in her possession was a “Maya Monk”, after her name.
  • Calavera Lazuli, had its discovery in Peru by indigenous Incas. This skull is carved in lapis lazuli in 1995 and rumors about it are that it is created by “Evil Spirits”.
  • Jesuit skull, in 1534 this skull was known, however, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who was the founder of the Jesuits, had it in his hands.
  • Shui Ting Er skull, exactly 130 years ago was found by Yeng Fo Huu in the southwest of the country of Mongolia.
  • Calavera Oceana, is currently in the Museum of Minerals after a jewelry dealer from the country of “Zamba” gave it away. It is made of Quartz and was in the possession of a farmer who lived in an area far from the Amazon.
  • ET Skull, this skull is made of smoky quartz and it was not until 1906 that it was found in Guatemala. It has two particularities that are a noticeable jaw and a pointed skull.
  • Calavera Max, also found in Guatemala, quickly became the most popular and it is said that it was used for healing.
  • Skull, Compassion, due to the tests that were performed on this skull, it is said to be of Atlantean origin.
  • Baby Luv skull, is made of rose quartz and found by a monk who belonged to the monastery located in the country of Ukraine, Luov.
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Now that you know this legend, would you be able to dedicate your life to completing all 13 and gathering them to see what happens? tell us.

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