The Christian Catholic Origins of Halloween

Worldwide, October 31 is known to be Halloween and as is customary, little ones accompanied by their parents, children or adolescents go out to explore the neighborhoods in search of sweets or pranks in an “Innocent” way without knowing the true origins. what do you have tonight

Have you ever heard from the priest of the church you attend that celebrating Halloween is a Satanic rite? Or have you read the posters that the faithful hand out hours before nightfall announcing that Halloween is a worship of Satan? And although for many this is taken as a joke, it is real and here we will tell you the whole story around it.

Catholic origins of Halloween

To know the origins we have to go back to the year 840 where Pope Gregory IV imposed that the day of celebration of All Saints be unique in the world, remaining until today on the date indicated (Previously it was celebrated on the thirteenth day of the month fifth but Pope Gregory III ordered that it be celebrated on November 1 in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy).

Catholic origins of Halloween

At that time in Ireland and Britain they had a party of not much importance the days before the new month called Vigil of All Saints (Which in English is “All Hallows Even” or “Hallowe’en”). Already in the year 998, an abbot from the monasteries on the southern side of France added one more holiday to the calendar of that epic, November 2 “All Souls’ Day” causing it to spread throughout the continent.

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By having celebrations for the souls of heaven and purgatory the Irish decided to celebrate the pagans as well but not in the form of a festivity, they just banged on pots and pans shortly before All Saints Day to let the wandering souls know not to. they had forgotten.

The origin of Halloween costumes

In the 18th century, it is said that it was in the British colonies in North America that the French who were Catholic intermarried with the Irish, forming a mixture of culture. In it, those of French nationality dressed to commemorate the people who left this world on November 1, while the day before, those from Ireland adopted these customs but with a more terrifying tone since they commemorated the souls of hell.

The origin of Halloween costumes

Origin of Trick or Treat / Trick or Treat

According to what is said, the beginning of the Treta or traot dates back to the 15th to the 17th years where people belonging to the Catholic Church did not have legal rights in England, so they planned an attack on James I (Protestant King). Although this never materialized since Guy Fawke, a Catholic from the resistance, was imprisoned and forced to confess to the crime that was going to be committed. That day was called “Guy Fawkes Day” (November 5, 1605).

After this, many pranksters dressed in masks and went to Catholic homes to ask for beer and cakes with the phrase “Trick or treat.” With the passage of time, the protagonists were forgotten, just like the commemorative day, but the phrase remained for history, so they decided to keep it in the celebration of Halloween.

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