The best rock bands in history

The most popular music platform of the moment, Spotify, has released a list of the best rock bands in history and many agree with it, but others do not.

Today we will review the top 10 rock bands on this list that are giving people something to talk about and thus find out the opinion of Internet users.

The best rock bands in history

Until now these rock bands have stood out from the others due to their songs, the fans and above all the good music they project on stage. Join us to review this list.

Fall Out Boy (Position 10)

Formed in 2001, this band that is made up of 4 people who are: Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andrew Hurley is on the list for their important contributions to the genre. The song “Young And Menace” has achieved 17 million views since it was posted on YouTube.

Queen (Position 9)

Formed in 1970 in the capital of England by three great musicians, today Queen is considered to be in the 9th place of the best rock bands according to Spotify and there is no complaint about it since we know everything that inspired the group to that generation.

Arctic Monkeys (Position 8)

2002 was the year of creation of Arctic Monkeys and since then they have done nothing but reap fruits for themselves. His music is a mixture of various tones that make him one of the best.

Metallica (Position 7)

It does not need introductions, much less say in what year it was formed nor do you want its members, since just reading its name is synonymous with good and excellent music. Why isn’t it ranked 1? Nobody knows.

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Panic! at the Disco (Position 6)

This American band created in 2004 and that covers the genres of pop rock, pop punk and baroque pop has managed to get Spotify to present it in this position because it is widely listened to among its users.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Position 5)

It was the year of 1983 when Red Hot Chili Peppers was created and it is the best thing that could happen to the world. Their fans are not only people who love rock but also other genres and that is what makes this band one of the top 5.

Linkin Park (Position 4)

Chester Bennington is the name that will always come to mind every time we hear Linkin Park and his departure from this world continues to this day to be very painful for everyone.

The Beatles (Position 3)

The 4 from Liverpool and their music became and are for many and for us also the best rock band, however the list that the platform shows us is not the one that reflects our feelings.

Twenty One Pilots (Position 2)

This duo has swept the music service and it is that after being part of the
soundtrack of the movie “The Suicide Squad” their number rose to number 2.

Coldplay (Position 1)

Well deserved although we would have liked to see other groups in this position, Coldplay that was formed in 1996 is the band that everyone loves and they love everyone.

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