The best metal bands of all time

According to the website Listas 20 minutes in Spanish, these are the best metal bands in all of history. The positions go from 1 to 100 but we will only show you the first 10 which are the most important.

The best metal bands of all time

In this ranking of 10 positions you will be able to observe some of the songs that most highlighted the bands and for which they were also recognized to this day.

Panther (Position 10)

Despite being dissolved since 2003, the band of American origin has been placed in the last position of this top 10 because it is considered the pillars of groove metal.

Rammstein (Position 9)

Active since 1994, the German band has managed to earn its place in this ranking because they have sold up to 50 million copies worldwide, as well as being nominated for the Grammys on two occasions.

Black Sabbath (Position 8)

Black Sabbath has had two periods of activity where they have had more than 25 members. In 2014 they made their last tour until 2017 where they ended their stage as a band.

Guns n’ Roses (Position 7)

Formed in the US by Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, Guns n’ Roses has achieved great popularity to the point of being considered one of the best and could easily rank better.

AC-DC (Position 6)

Of Scottish origin, the Young brothers, the band was formed in Australia in 1973 and has been active to this day where their fans have followed them all over the world.

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Megadeth (Position 5)

Like Black Sabbath but with its second period unfinished, Megadeth managed to win a Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 2017.

System of a down (Position 4)

1994 was the year that system of a down was created and due to all the implements that we know of, it has managed to take the 4th position on this list that many agree while others do not.

Slipknot (Position 3)

In the United States, precisely in 1995, Slipknot was created with characteristic masks that have varied according to the albums they released for their fans. Today it is positioned in the first three places of the best metal lists of all time.

Metallica (Position 2)

In Los Angeles, USA, it was the year 81 when Metallica was created by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. At present they are still active and their followers hope that they will continue in this way for many more years.

Iron Maiden (Position 1)

Steve Harris has been the creator of the best metal band of all time and it is that taking Iron Maiden to this position was not easy but now everyone is grateful that he did it since everyone loves the band and the music they Has delivered.

Do you agree with this top of the web lists 20 minutes? Tell us which other band you would have liked to have entered this ranking and which of the ones that are already there you would remove according to your appreciation both in history and in techniques.

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