The best Christmas decoration of skulls

If you want to decorate your home for Christmas in a much more original, peculiar and unique way, then take a look at this gallery of Christmas decorations with skulls that we are sure you will love.

These images are taken from the Internet so you can find many more photos that can serve as inspiration, however we show you the ones we liked the most for this special date.

The best Christmas decoration of skulls for the tree

A design quite distant from Christmas balls but with the same objective are the skulls with Christmas hats. These small objects will make your tree look much better than it would with the classic decorations.

Now, although you do not want to lose the tradition of decorating with Christmas balls, then you can have this very nice piece that does not lose the essence of the classic but with an elegant touch.

Another design to vary from normal is the skulls in hearts, these can go as an extra apart from the balls or any traditional piece. Along with the lights, it will be quite an interesting visual attraction that many will highlight.

If you no longer want to put the typical star at the end of your tree, this giant skull is spectacular. How big it is fits in an ideal way so it can be an object that you can make the most of.

Another of the designs that you can accompany your old decorations are these skull decals that will give life to what may be “too obvious on a Christmas tree”.

If we have already seen the decoration inside the tree, also the one at the top, then we will show you what will fall like a glove in your decoration.

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This skull rug is the option that you should choose if you do not want to decorate with the implements shown above. We advise you not to overload your tree with so many pieces of skulls, so it is better if you only cover one of them and not all at once.

The best Christmas decoration of skulls for the room

Now that we have seen how to decorate your Christmas tree, we will now show you some objects that can go in any corner of your living room.

This object would be great if you put it in the center of the table but not where they will dine since it is quite striking. Its property of being so realistic is not only fascinating but also interesting since they will think that you have a real skull.

Another of the decorations for rooms with Christmas skulls is this object that can easily be located in a place far from the central area just to be able to vary your decoration.

Now that you have seen this variety of photographs, would you be willing to decorate your home with skulls? If you have already done it, then send us a photo you have to our fan page @DeCalaverascom so we can add it to this interesting post.

In case it is the first time that you will do it, then tell us which of all the images you will use to decorate both your Christmas tree and the living room of your house.

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