The 12 Creepiest and Extreme Horror Houses in the World

These 12 houses of terror have nothing to do with the 10-minute passages of terror that we have all gone through at some time.

After having talked about the Day of the Dead  at the request of the readers, we asked you which were your favorite houses of terror, the most realistic and disturbing that you knew . Here you have the result:

1. McKamey Manor – California

Scariest haunted house
Why in first position?  It is the most extreme house of terror in the world. To be able to visit it, you have to enter a waiting list of more than 24,000 people and pass a medical test that shows that you do not have any health problems and that you can be subjected to large doses of stress without dying along the way.

At McKamey Manor you can see the attendants drenched in blood, tied up, locked in cages with snakes, with spiders on their faces, forced to eat rotten eggs… The tour lasts 2-3 hours, but no one has managed to finish it .

To give you an idea:

2. Pennhurst Asylum—Pennsylvania

pennhurst-asylum-pa_11798Why is it to freak out?  In 1908, long before it was reborn as a haunted house attraction, Pennhurst was a mental asylum and home to thousands of physically and mentally handicapped.

During the 80 years that they were open, they abused patients, tortured, neglected, raped and even murdered. These atrocities began to be exposed in the late 1960s and the facility was closed by court order in 1986.

The most disturbing thing about the attraction is that it completely respects the building and continues to use the old utensils, rooms with stretchers, wheelchairs and everything they found there… would you go in?

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3. The Dent School House—Ohio

the-dent-schoolhouse-oh_9821Why is it to freak out?  The attraction has been built as if it were a school in a building that used to be a school in the late 1800s… but was forced to close after a bizarre string of murders of almost a dozen children.

The story is 100% true.

For a while suspicion fell on Charlie, the janitor. In The Dent School you will have to flee both from him and from the spirits of the children.

4. Nightmare on 13th Haunted House—Utah

nightmare3Why is it on the list? Each year they choose a completely different theme than the previous year and they invent a new show, as if it were a new nightmare.

The good thing about them is that they not only make you scream, but they also create a whole story for you to follow through the tour.

The Travel Channel chose it (by vote) as the scariest attraction in the United States.

5. Frightworld Scream Park—New York

8tezfSpWhy do you have to go? Because it is not a simple horror house, but a theme park that has five buildings , among them: a rustic cabin with an old nut, an isolated cabin with the floor full of bloody victims and an abandoned asylum in a remote road.

Yes, you have to go through all five. It is to take a diazepam under the tongue and do whatever God wants.

6. Haunted Plantation—Hawaii

maxresdefault-1Why is it on the list?  If the theme park thing has already blown your mind, imagine what it would be like to be in a haunted town where, wherever you went, spirits and faceless creatures followed you… That’s Haunted Plantation.

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The idea comes from the fact that, from 1850 to 1950, these plantations in Hawaii were inhabited by Chinese, Puerto Rican, Japanese and Korean workers who were in charge of taking care of the sugar crops. They declared they had experienced paranormal phenomena throughout their stay -in fact, they were so scared that they asked to be able to work in groups instead of individually-: ghosts that appeared and disappeared, Japanese dolls that appeared out of nowhere,…

To give you an idea: the owner of the attraction never visits it alone, because it scares him.

Here’s a video:

7. House of Shock—Louisana


If you want to enter the House of Shock, you will have to first listen to a few verses of worship to the devil and walk the threshold of the door of the mansion – full of symbols of the antichrist – while satan himself invites you to do so, would you dare?

8. Netherworld Haunted House—Norcross, Georgia

Blackout-au-theatre-de-l-horreur-c-est-vous-la-victimUnlike many of the haunted houses on display here, Netherworld developed an original theme that is not based on any movie or superstition, but rather a unique story: the house is filled with spirits and ghosts who want to take you with them to experience their haunted house. suffering.

Depending on your actions and those of your group, your story will have one ending or a completely different one.

9. Woods of Terror—Greensboro, North Carolina

woodsofterror1In the town of Greensboro, North Carolina, there is an urban legend that around the 1940s, dozens of people died in the forest that is now known as “The Purgatory of the Spirits.”

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Woods of Terror invites you to step inside it and escape its anger, if you can.

10. 13th Floor Haunted House—Phoenix, Arizona


The 13th floor of this building claims to be a dangerous place; a floor where the most terrifying events take place and where the most terrifying creatures appear to take you with them.

11. The Beast—Missouri

maxresdefault-2“The beast” enters all the top 10 scary attractions in the world: this house has four floors and most of the people who enter to visit it do not finish visiting it…

12. Asylum 49—Tooele, Utah

maxresdefault-3Unlike the rest of the haunted houses, in this  one they can not only touch you but, in addition, they can separate you from your group and take you with them .

In fact, your visit to Asylum 49 can last up to 5 hours if they feel like playing with you a little longer.

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