sugar skull tattoos

Sugar skull tattoos are very popular in Mexican culture and this is due to the “Day of the Dead” celebrations that are celebrated in that country.

The history that unites these tattoos comes from ancient times, so these arts are made by Mexican tattoo artists to take the complete essence. Look at the gallery of sugar skull tattoos that we have selected so that you can take inspiration or one just like it, you decide.

History of sugar skull tattoos.

It could be said that these pieces are more than an emblem for the Aztec culture since it also means respect and celebration of the mentioned day. The 1st and 2nd of November are the dates on which sugar skull tattoos are the most representative for the holidays and the people who wear them are highly believers.

Paper or cardboard are the elements in which Mexicans make
sugar skulls as well as giving away candies that can be eaten, hence the name of these tattoos.

The colors used are very striking in these tattoos as they try to highlight the celebration. In the following image you can see each angle that the artist designed for the person. Flowers are the way to remind the deceased that they will always be remembered for what their other companions are the souls.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

For women, the figure does not change much and it is that these sugar skull tattoos according to gender only add a couple more things like hair and makeup to the design.

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On this occasion the elements that accompany this design are a rose, a pair of swords and a spider web.

One of the most outstanding Mexican representatives internationally is Frida Kahlo, so having her in this type of tattoo is nothing new. This artist is one of the most celebrated exponents every day of the dead.

The way to be represented is to copy almost all the style that characterized it and add certain details.

The roses accompany these figures and are excellent, so in this image the black color reduces noise, making it a very beautiful work to admire.

These photographs are taken from the internet but they are the ones we liked the most after going around several times, so you can find more designs on the net if you want to have some more designs in mind. If you have
sugar skull tattoos send us a photo to our fan page @DeCalaverascom so we can add it to this post or if you are an artist who has similar models send us the images so everyone can learn more about you.

If you recognize one of these designs then comment it so we can add it and people can learn more about its art. If you know of a safe place in your area, also write it down so that others can get their first tattoo or increase the ones they already have.

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