Skulls with flowers tattoos

Skulls with flowers tattoos are unique pieces that any man and woman would like to have on their skin. These designs are highly requested by people since it is never outdated and, on the contrary, it is always renewing for the new generations.

Take a look at this gallery of Skull Tattoos with flowers that you will surely love and decide for an equal or similar when you go to your trusted place where you feed your body with ink. Some are very realistic while others are a bit more lively depending on the artist you’re dealing with.

Skulls with flowers tattoos

The meaning of these tattoos is power, death or time, which is why it is used more by people who have had to do with one of these three words, not only literally but symbolically. Women are the ones who mostly get this work tattooed on their forearms.

On the other hand, men choose to get a tattoo on their arm in the form of protection or power. Most of them prefer them very large to highlight the symbolism they give to the tattoo. They prefer them with a serious and realistic color.

These can also be accompanied by other elements, be it clocks when you want to talk about time, butterflies to honor a loved one, or mirrors. The meaning you want to give it is in your hands and it does not necessarily have to be like the one we already explained.

The back is another favorite place for men to have a Skull with Flowers Tattoo as they carry the weight of what it took to have this piece. They tend to cover the entire back, leaving little free space on the sides.

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For their part, women prefer to make a design that is a little more colorful and not so realistic and even to the point of being cartoonish.

Although many women prefer slightly less serious art, some women like to wear a realistic design with colors in the roses or the elements that adorn the work.

Women with strong looks, with a powerful attitude and very sure of themselves like to have tattoos of skulls with roses all over their arms.

As we mentioned, mirrors are present as accompanying elements in these pieces, since they not only adorn it and fit well with the design, but also because they highlight the tattoo much more. The colored roses while the other strokes are in black colors make it a fascinating work.

Skulls with flowers tattoos on the thigh are perfect. Women usually wear these tattoos in a medium to large size without reaching the knee. In this case, black and gray colors are usually used more.

Although in some cases small designs in dark colors and with colored roses are a great way to show strength.

Now that you have viewed this list of Skull Tattoos with Flowers, tell us, do you already have one or would you like to have one?

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