See why the Nazis used Skulls on their Uniforms

If you are one of the people who loves world history and a question that you always asked yourself or that you recently found browsing the internet about Why the Nazis used Skulls on their Uniforms, here we will give you the appropriate answer.

In order to talk to you about why this symbol is visible on the Nazi uniforms, we must go back much further than you thought. This idea did not arise until the moment when one of the most important cavalries in Germany was created.

History about the Skulls in German Uniforms

The origin of the use of these skulls in military troops began with Frederick the Great (January 24, 1712 – August 17, 1786) who, having several achievements to his credit, created a cavalry regiment called the “Fifth Hussar Light Cavalry Regiment”. » which appointed Colonel von Ruesch to take the lead.

Frederick the Great

Ruesch adopted the symbol of the skull with two femurs that crossed in his Mirliton to fight in two important wars: “War of the Austrian succession” and in the “7 Years War”.

In 1808, Federico Guillerme, died during “The Napoleonic Wars” causing his troops to put aside the green uniform and turn to black as a sign of mourning and recognition. The insignia with the skull continued to be used until 1918.

Why did the Nazis use Skulls on their Uniforms?

Throughout history it was thought that they used it in order to intimidate their adversaries with skulls, others say that it was to say that the soldiers would even give their lives in each combat but the truth is that behind this was not the same Hitler but someone else.

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The Totenkopf came to be present between the wars by the Freikorps paramilitary forces but in 1933, when Adolf Hitler ascended to power, Julius Schreck, who was the head of the protection, proposed that the symbol be precisely this skull. In addition to this the skull became a symbol for the country’s Panzer units.

This summarized video explains how skulls became part of Nazi history and how other countries also adopted this emblem in their military troops.

What is the Totenkopf?

The Totenkopf has its beginning in the Middle Ages since it was found on banners and flags of some Teutonic tribes where it is said that the warrior born in Germany is always in a situation of being face to face with death.

Countries that used the Totenkopf in their military troops

Germany was not the only country that had the Totenkopf as a symbol, since also in Chile the patriots who fought for their independence formed a group called “Húsares de la Muerte” created by Manuel Rodríguez. Similarly, the French Death Hussars had the skull on their uniform when fighting in the French Revolution.

Now that you know why the Nazis used a skull symbol in their troops you can share this valuable information with your acquaintances or relatives as it never hurts to know something new before going to bed.

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