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Surprise your family and friends with these Terrifying Halloween Recipes: Appetizers, desserts, drinks… click to see dozens of spectacular and easy-to-prepare dishes.

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Halloween Cookie Recipes

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Halloween Dessert Recipes

We are almost in the middle of the night of the dead! One festival a year dedicated to pranks, scares and, above all, a reminder to the deceased and to monsters who want to walk quietly through the city. Francisco Ibañez already said it in one of his stories: Terror, horror, dread!

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And it is very typical to celebrate a party with friends and family on this very special night. And you know what? We are going to help you to be as terrifying as possible! Because we don’t just sell costume products… we also know a lot of Halloween recipes!

Succeed with our Halloween recipes

Do you know what the key is to succeed at a party? No, it’s not the music. Neither is the atmosphere. Well, it is clear that if you want to leave some of your guests marked, it is important that you work on the decoration. But, if there is something that makes the difference, it is: the food!

You must learn some Halloween recipes so that when you receive a visit from your monstrous guests they are not faced with a dull and boring menu. Take care of every last detail so that they run into something that disgusts them! They feel like throwing up just thinking about taking it!

The best recipes for a Halloween meal

Don’t you feel like waiting until nightfall to prepare the Halloween party because you fear that the darkness will absorb you and everything will get out of hand? There are many recipes for a delicious Halloween meal!

In fact, succeeding with these Halloween recipes is easy, because, in reality, it consists of following a traditional recipe but incorporating an element of the party into it . For example, you can make a pumpkin cream and draw a skull or a spider web with a little cream.

Instead of the classic pizza, you can work the different ingredients to make it look like a monster pizza. Or, why limit yourself to fried eggs when these can be shaped like a skull? Or spider form? Even make a monster-shaped burger!

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Anything you can think of to put on your food has a Halloween version that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to succeed with a Halloween meal.

The best dinners with the most monstrous Halloween recipes for children and adults

Guests are coming to your house… and you want them to take home a terrifying memento of their stay in your home. What’s more… they want to vomit what they’ve eaten! For a dinner there are quite original recipes for Halloween, such as the popular zombie hand, which consists of a meatloaf covered in charred cheese to give it the rotten effect.

What do you need a lot of starters? Deviled eggs will never fail you! Maybe something light to serve as an appetizer? We know how to make delicious spider eggs or those that represent the devil ! Witch’s broomsticks with cheese, a spooky pizza… or a complete assortment of salty coffins stuffed with sausage and other mysterious ingredients!

We promise that if you follow our recipes to the letter, costumes will not be the scariest thing on Halloween night.

Desserts… delicious but scary

Every good meal should end with some fantastic desserts. Now, is it necessary to waste a whole day in the kitchen to get them ready? Come on, we are not in the stone age! Today you can prepare some delicious desserts that are prepared in less than half an hour.

Of course, if you don’t want to look like a bad host, we would recommend doing a trompe l’oeil , which will make you look luxurious. For example, make a cake that is shaped like a pumpkin and decorate it as such. When people try it, they will be speechless at the great surprise they will get when they discover the filling.

Of course, none of this would be complete if we didn’t have an assortment of cookies with ghosts, skulls, demons… or eyes made of jelly that float in a glass of liquor… A dessert can be delicious but at the same time become a whole nightmare!

Take care of every detail of your Halloween recipe

In order not to fail when preparing one of our Halloween recipes, care must be taken to the smallest detail. You can’t have a dish that pretends to be carrying a spider with missing legs or a devil’s eye that’s undercooked and falls apart when you put it in your drink.

And if you know our background, you will already know that we are the most suitable when dealing with issues that have to do with the dead and the afterlife. In our recipes we not only indicate the ingredients… we not only guide you faithfully step by step… we also give you many tips to achieve the best result! Even about some variety that you can prepare so that the menu is not so monotonous!

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