punk makeup

You have been able to buy the most expensive punk clothes on the market. However, if you don’t know how to put on makeup to get the most out of your face, what good is it? We are going to give you a series of tips on punk makeup, with three totally different styles.

punk chic makeup

This is a type of makeup that we could call “cute punk makeup”. The goal is to achieve a punk look, but without looking like the living dead. And how is this achieved?

  1. First of all, apply a slight metallic touch , using shadows and creams, to work around the eyes, which will give an effect of metallic eyes with a slight blurred effect.
  2. For the lips, use a cool pink color , since the makeup that you will apply on the face will be light and simple. In fact, if you already have pink lips, you won’t even need to paint them.
  3. Finally, ruffle the hair , using a comb or with your own hands, with a slight touch of color in some of your hair. With all this, you will get a simple look, but with a slight dramatic touch.

A more complete punk look

Interested in getting a fuller punk look? In that case, do not miss this little guide that we have prepared for you. Take a look at these tips that we give you.

Liquid eyeliner or kohl?

The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are going to use a Kohl eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner. The first is the one that is usually in the form of a pencil , and this one has a softer appearance. On the other hand, liquid eyeliner, which is usually found in tubes , is applied with a brush and gives you a more dramatic look.

What color will you use?

We already anticipate that neutral colors are not used with this style . Bright and striking colors are used, such as purple, pink, teal… colors that shine on the light makeup of your skin.

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Steps to follow for this makeup

The time has come for you to get down to work to put on your makeup, so follow these steps that we indicate below:

  1. Wash your face , so that it is very clean when it comes to getting down to work. The idea is to start with a canvas, such as using SPF to protect the face. With a good concealer you can correct any imperfection you have on your face.
  2. The first step is to work with the eyes. To these you can apply a layer of some bright colors, covering the eyelid, or with a darker shade blended in the crease area. Gray and black shadows help create a smoky effect on the eyes, but you can also use a liquid liner all the way around the eye for a more understated but effective look.
  3. Instead of using a lipstick, apply some gloss to your lips , so that they have a strong color, even if you use black.
  4. As far as your face is concerned, you may as well apply a whole layer of white makeup, leaving out the blush, and look like a pale person. Or the opposite case, apply a lot of blush on your cheeks, to give them a bit of shape and contour.
  5. So that all the work is not undone, apply a little powder, and it will stay that way for a longer time. Finally, you can draw some shapes on your face, like a star, a sun, a heart, a skull…

some final tips

We have other tips for you that will make this type of makeup on your face more impressive. You will be looking forward to meeting them, right? Well, keep reading and don’t miss anything:

  • If your eye makeup is a bold black , with a dark gray, then balance your lips with a lighter gloss, as this way you won’t overwhelm your face with too much makeup.
  • In the lower outer corner of one of your eyes, near the cheekbones, draw a heart, star, or lightning bolt. An ornament that has become very popular in the punk style.
  • You have complete freedom of expression when it comes to makeup, but you should try to practice before making a complete mess on your face.
  • Choose a foundation that is a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This will help create a paler look, which is very punk. Also, with dark red or totally black lips, you will be the perfect punk.
  • To gain more precision when applying makeup, you should bet on sponges and brushes. Now, with your fingers you will get a more natural makeup.
  • In punk makeup, glitter is not usually used, since it was not achieved as punk. But there are ways you will use to include it in this type of makeup.
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The real punk makeup

How would you like to learn how to do makeup like a true punk? It is not that complicated, you just have to learn a series of guidelines and you could achieve it in a very short time. Why don’t you take a look at our tips?

The base of your skin in matte

The first step here is to start with a flawless complexion, otherwise you won’t be able to create the perfect punk look. The makeup base should offer medium coverage , providing a matte finish. Do not have an oil formula, as this reduces shine to a minimum.

Under the eyes, use a light concealer, thus diminishing the appearance of dark circles. Finally, finish the foundation with a translucent powder, thus absorbing excess oils, and maintaining a matte appearance for your skin.

Smoky eyes

It would be impossible for you to achieve a true punk makeup without working well on the eyes. The most used style is that of smoky eyes, mixing it with shadow spots . But it is not necessary to resort only to black or dark gray.

Bright colors are also used, such as emerald, royal blue or some shades of purple, they are good options. Another good idea is fluorescent colors, such as yellow, orange and pink. You could opt for a matte color, with a higher shine, so that it stands out on your skin.


To work on your eyes, another option is to use a heavy eyeliner. In this case, black is used as the main color, although gray and blue have become quite fashionable . Thanks to the liquid formulas, a bolder look is achieved. Although, without a doubt, with a pencil it is much easier to blend the color.

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working the lips

The time has come to work with the lips, something that can be quite complicated. On the one hand, you can choose a single color, such as a pale lip, in pink or in a very dark red color.

However, modern punk is not afraid of what they may think of him and opts for bright lips that stand out from everything else he is wearing. It could be a nice alternative to your punk makeup.

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