Political Literary Skulls

Literary skulls are written expressions loaded with humor, a humor that swings between satire and irony, they are written according to a rhythm, with measure and sometimes with rhyme. Originally they were intended to satire politicians and rulers appearing in the so-called “flying sheets” that were distributed by the “little papers”.

It should be noted that although their presence dates back to viceregal Mexico, it would not be until the 20th century that these demonstrations ceased to be a point of censorship and became a fundamental aspect within the celebration of the Day of the Dead, thus becoming a mechanism for criticizing political but also used in family contexts.

Politician Literas Skulls

Nice to meet you, I’m la Garbancera or la muerta

Also, the Catrina

Who made me is called Posada -a beloved illustrator-

Who made me sing along with

Literary skulls, who, like me, are very Mexican

And we like to be brave before that thief friend

Who is said to be a jurisprudent

Or to an insolent friend

Who is said to be president

Nice to meet you, the garbancera, Mrs. Bones,

The companion of the epitaphs of our


The one that appeared on the day of the dead,

The insulting snake,

The long tongue of yesteryear

Nice to meet you my dears:

Won’t you have a literary skull

-And if it’s political, better-

For me?

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