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If there is a style in which makeup is important, it is in the pin up style. But what kind of makeup do you need to be really made up in this style? What should you enhance on your face? And most importantly, how much should you spend for pin up makeup?

Pin up makeup, a daunting task?

It has always been said that “women take hours to get ready”, and surely the phrase was born with the women of the 50s, who spent a lot of time in front of the mirror putting on makeup.

Pin up makeup works with the eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and tries to make the woman have porcelain skin, highlighting the cheeks and cheekbones a little . The best way to save money is to buy a complete pin up makeup set, because if you are going to buy each cream, lipstick, eyeliner… separately, you could end up leaving yourself a complete fortune.

Now, you have to be determined to pay what it’s worth. Although there are very interesting offers for which you can get a good makeup set for a fairly low price for your pocket, if you are interested, of course. Although if you don’t want to pay for it, it can always be a good gift.

There is nothing like being up to date with an old style, such as the pin up aesthetic. Over the years, this fashion from the 40s and 50s in countries like the USA has returned to stay, especially thanks to renowned personalities such as Dita Von Teese or Katy Perry.

What steps should you follow to achieve a perfect look with pin up makeup?

In the past, every woman knew how to put on makeup and be ready with this type of look. Today? Few are the women who know the secrets of pin up makeup. However, it is not something that you should worry about, because we are going to put you up to date with these simple steps.

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Leave your face clean

The first step is to clean the skin well . After all, the appearance of the skin is the number one key to pin up makeup. For this you will have to hydrate it and prepare it properly.

For facial cleansing you can use a gel that suits your skin type, then a toner and finally a moisturizing cream . With this you will have it ready to take the first step in your pin up makeup.

Work to have a porcelain complexion

A flawless, pure and clear complexion. This is what the complexion you should get when doing pin up makeup looks like, but how do you get it? You have to work in order to look like you have the face of a porcelain doll.

To do this, apply a foundation that is the same color as your skin, or a little lighter. This should be spread over your face, so that there is not a single unsightly cut left. Finally, cover and hide those facial imperfections, using a good concealer. Finally, seal the makeup, using a little translucent powder for your complexion.

outlined eyes

The second protagonist, so to speak, in pin up style makeup is the eyes. You must get what is known as outlined eyes. And how do you get that?

The first step is to apply light eye shadows on the upper eyelid, which are in nude or beige tones, well blended. Next, use a black eyeliner, which will mark the expressiveness of the eyes.

The trick is to draw a well-defined line on the upper lashes. This line should be prolonged upwards, simulating a small tail, thus tearing the eyes and obtaining a feminine look. What do you want a softer look and that provides more luminosity? Then do a water line with a beige eye pencil.

Very long eyelashes

Are you done with your eyes yet? Good, because it’s the turn of the tabs. A pin up girl is distinguished by her extra long eyelashes, so she accentuates their length using an eyelash curler, as well as her curvature. You can improve them by applying two coats of black mascara, giving them more intensity.

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However, if what you are looking for is to have a more impressive look, you should bet on false eyelashes. In this way, if you don’t have a lot of skill when it comes to working with tabs, it will be impossible for you to mess up.

Defines the eyebrows

You did the eyelashes, but now it’s your turn to prepare the eyebrows, which must be well defined. This serves to frame the look . They must be the same color as your hair, and in just a few minutes you can have them ready, since there is not much to do with them.

paint your lips red

You are almost at the end of the process to get a perfect look with a pin up makeup. The lips have to be painted in a red color , better if it is a passion red color, which manages to give you a sexy and sensual touch.

What do you want the paint to last longer? In this case, outline and fill in each lip with a red pencil and then paint with the chosen lipstick.

blush for your cheeks

We have reached the last step! You will have to apply a bit of natural blush to give a slight blush to your cheeks. To do this, use the color of a natural tone, which blends well with the color of your skin. Don’t overdo it too much, and don’t use brushes that are too intense.

Any final advice to make your makeup look perfect?

The truth is that putting on makeup like a pin up girl was something that used to be done at sleepovers in the 40s, a simple and perfect activity for a group of friends. But if you want, we can give you some other advice:

  • Remember that the face must be very clean , or the makeup will not adhere well to you. Or what’s worse, you’re going to look like a monster more than anything else. Not only with water, but also with good moisturizing creams, so that it looks luxurious on you.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a pin up look , so don’t fall into that death trap of buying all these products.” Surely what you already have at home will be enough for you.
  • When you start to put on your makeup, work on one area first and then another , or you’ll end up making a mess. Don’t start on your lips until you’ve finished with your eyes, and don’t start on your eyes before you’ve put on your first layer of makeup.
  • Actually, it is better that you have the help of a friend to achieve the perfect pin up makeup. She will see you better than you can see yourself in the mirror, so she will allow you to achieve a more natural pin up look.
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Brand pin up makeup with Decalaveras

At Decalaveras we want you to only have the best in your possession, so what do you think we are going to offer you in our pin up makeup catalogue? Clearly only the best! In fact, we have prepared a catalog with pin up makeup from the best brands . You can buy a whole makeup set or each product separately, depending on what you need. And do not be overwhelmed by the issue of money, because we have offers all year round that will help you save a good bit of your budget.

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