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Since you’ve spent a small fortune to buy clothes in the pin up fashion, why should it be less with the hairstyle? You have two options, make yourself the pin up hairstyle, or go to the hairdresser. Although you would have a third option that is quite interesting.

Have you thought about wearing a wig?

Although right now it may seem completely crazy to put on a wig… why not? What would you have to be ashamed of? When you don’t have much practice with the comb and the hairspray, doing your hair in the pin up style is something that can take you hours and hours, because you have to get it to fit perfectly.

In fact, during the decade of the 50s, it was very common for women to use wigs to be able to show off a perfect hairstyle on a daily basis. With all this, don’t you think it’s something you should value? The wig will already be styled, and then all you have to do is leave it on a mannequin and completely forget about it until you put it back on. To hook her? With a few clips and you’re done, it won’t take you long to get ready.

Are you looking forward to going out wearing an impressive pin up hairstyle? It is something that will cost you a bit of work. However, at Decalaveras we want you to have it very easy, so you should take a look at the 10 pin up hairstyles that we propose.

Steps prior to styling

A pin up hairstyle is not something you can do just like that. It has a small previous process in which you are going to have to work a little.

First of all, the hair must be very clean, so an hour before combing, wash your hair with lukewarm water and a good shampoo, so that the hair is loose. Finally, dry it well, because that way it will be easier to handle.

When the hair is dry, it will be time to get down to work to achieve an authentic pin up look with the hairstyles that we propose.

10 pin up hairstyles to look beautiful

We are going to propose 10 different proposals for pin up hairstyles that will make you look beautiful, so why don’t you take a look at all these proposals that we have for you?

Ponytail with side curl bangs

Although it may seem very complicated at first glance, the truth is that it is one of the easiest pin up hairstyles to do.

First, you have to divide the hair into four sections , one on the front for the side curl, then two on the sides and, finally, the last part, which would be the thickest, is for the pigtails. You just have to join them, curl the ends and that’s it. In just over 10 minutes you will have it ready.

Ponytail with high curled bangs

Another of the classic pin up hairstyles in which the pigtails and bangs are the protagonists . To do this, you have to divide the hair into four parts.

In this case, in the front part it should be centered on the curl, but a little higher. This allows you to achieve a tube-like effect. To fix it you will have to use a lot of spray.

Wavy with bangs

You are not very good with the brush and you are looking for a simple model to work with? Well, how about a wavy hairstyle with bangs? It is perhaps one of the simplest , and one of the most used during the 40s.

For this look, concentrate most of your hair on one side, including the bangs, and hold it in a nice curl while you spray the hair to hold it in place. A few minutes, remove the roller and you will have it ready.

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loose with side curl

It is perhaps one of the easiest hairstyles to perform, being ideal for those women who do not want to complicate their lives too much when it comes to getting a pin up hairstyle.

To do this, you only have to use the hair that is located at the height of the eyebrow arch . You roll this hair with a roller, fix it with spray and pins and then remove it. And ready! Fast and easy.

Waves with low curl bangs

Does it seem complicated? Well, we will tell you that it is one of the easiest hairstyles to do. To do it, just take the front part, or the bangs, and roll it up, fixing it with bobby pins and spray. Finally, make the waves with the tongs, trying to make them smooth, and that’s it.

bun with bangs

It is perhaps one of the most popular pin up hairstyles as it is pretty and quite feminine. Although it may seem complicated, it is easier than it seems. First you have to make waves in the hair, to later lift it with pins . Finally, you have to give it the shape and straighten the bangs a bit. A bit of hairspray to set and you’re done.

Hair collected with side curlers

It is true that it is recommended that this type of hairstyle be done by a professional, however, do you know how to collect your hair yourself? In that case you already have a part of the work done. For the side curlers, you only have to make several curlers with your hair , at different levels, apply hairspray, the pins and that’s it, when you take the curlers out they will have the shape you want.

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Half tail with bangs and headband

Another of the most popular hairstyles of the 40s, and perhaps one of the most sophisticated of the time. To do it, you have to divide the hair, not counting the bangs, into three parts . You have to curl the ends of each of these areas, then a little hairspray and finally a headband, so that it looks like a small bow.

Half tail with bangs and flower

The process is exactly as the previous one that we have mentioned. The difference? In this case, what you should do is place a flower in the area that would be the bow, so that everything looks good on you.

with bandana

It was one of the most popular hairstyles in the 50s, among other things because it required very little work. In this case, a small bow is made, which is tied at the top with a handkerchief, like a bandana. Another option is to wave it slightly or make a ponytail or bun before putting on the bandana.

Look spectacular with a pin up hairstyle

Have you already what kind of pin up hairstyle do you want to do? Or have you decided on a wig? Be that as it may, we have a great selection of hairstyles for you in our catalog. No going to the hairdresser’s, no wasting hours during the mirror to be ready and tremble in case it rains or there is wind. With these pin up hairstyles you will always be ready to go out in a matter of minutes! Aren’t they worth trying?

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