Owls and Skulls Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo or if you want to get another one but this time in a more special way, then look at these models of Owls and Skulls Tattoos that will make you run to your trusted local to have one done on your body . These models are the ones that we liked the most, so we made this list so that you have an idea of ​​what you would like to have or one that is the same.

Owls and Skulls Tattoos

If you love owls because they are very mysterious animals, then making one accompanied by a skull will be great. On this occasion, one of the perfect places where you can have it is on the forearm since the design is vertical, so a thin and large part will be needed.

One of the many but great Owl and Skull Tattoo designs by «Carlos Fabra» is the one that we show you below: It is made up of an owl that supports with its wings the head of a woman who wears a skull helmet. The black lines and parts of red make it a jewel.

The part of the chest is also a very good place to do it. If it starts from the lower part of the pectorals to the navel, there will be no doubt that it will be a great tattoo. Despite not having much color on the owl, the diamond and orange and yellow skull details make it fascinating in the eyes of any beholder.

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For girls these designs are also great because they look perfect on their skin. Most of them are on top of a skull as this demonstrates the strength of these animals over everything strange in the world. Accompanied by two roses on the sides it will make it look super cool at any time.

On the part of the leg it is also ideal to tattoo one of these pieces. To see this design much better, you can make one of the same size on the other calf but with a different design to balance.

A much more realistic one is the following design that will be great anywhere. In addition to having a feather in the lower part, it will make it an impeccable piece.

If of the designs that we show you, you do not like monochromes, then we present this very colorful one that looks very different compared to the others despite having the same concept of the owl on top of a skull.

From “Sudestada Tatoo” we present you another colorful design that an empowered woman today can wear and show anywhere.

Now that you have seen these models of Owls and Skulls Tattoos, are you considering getting one or already have one? If so, then tell us what kind of tattoo you got and where would you recommend people go since someone always wants to do it but does not know which place is the best in their country.

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