Love Skulls

Death is expressed in Mexico in various ways: skulls, altars, skeletons, obituaries, literary works and even food. In all of them lies the irrepressible fear of men, to be forgotten. Literary skulls are literary compositions in verse, which remind us that we are all going to die one day.

They are short texts in which a satirical and humorous mockery is made, both of the living and of the dead.

Today, moreover, they are part of the living culture of the Mexican people, of their art and their spiritual wealth, since with them they express their position before death and their deepest feelings. They can even be composed as a song to love, to the fear of its loss, and under the pretext of the Day of the Dead, Mexicans compose Calaveras de amor, which are also known as romantic Calaveras.

In Mexico, death comes when one is forgotten, and so that love does not die, they compose verses to drive away death and strengthen love.

Some examples of Literary Love Skulls are the ones that we present to you here:

Walking around, death was

looking for someone to catch,

because he felt lucky.

Her quiet one saw her and came to speak to her:

beloved, where you go, I’m going.

I don’t know your name,

I don’t need it.
I will follow

you, the pale and bony one,

to your home I will accompany you.


The bony girl got very angry

because a pretty one failed

her and she swore to take revenge one day

. Oh, my poor love!

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The bony one took my love

and dragged her into a pantheon, left her alone.


I am not afraid of death

What I do not want is to live without your love.

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Oh, how beautiful is the literary skull, I like it, but well

hahaha you make me laugh

It’s alright chidori

I loved it….:)

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