Literary Skulls for Friends

What are skulls for friends?

Literary skulls are a popular Mexican tradition that are written in the form of verses. They can be assonant or consonant rhyming and are composed of one or more stanzas. Generally, four verses per stanza are used, although this is not mandatory, since everyone is free to compose their skull with their own style.

It is customary to write them for the day of the dead and in relation to La parca or Catrina as a satirical epitaph.

Its origin comes from the 19th century, in viceroyalty Mexico. At that time they were used to express ideas or feelings that were hard to communicate in other contexts and for this reason also to express discontent in political matters, for this reason, the authors of skulls were censored and persecuted for many years.

Types of Skulls for Friends

Today there are different types of skulls, among which we can list skulls for children, funny skulls, long skulls, short skulls, political skulls, skulls for friends, among others.

Now we are going to see what you need to make your own skull for your friends, you will see how easy and fun it is. Skulls for friends have some very simple characteristics:

How to make Literary Skulls for Friends

First of all your skull must have a light and funny language.

You can’t forget to mention La huesuda.

Remember that you should try to make it rhyme, to make it more cheerful and friendly.

And don’t forget to include your friends’ names in the rhyme and how La Catrina finally takes them away.

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List of Skulls for Friends

That’s where Gabriel was hanging around you

with the bottle tied

up, the catrina who in one piece of shit

took your bastard and drool from you.

Soon at twelve bells

your sleeplessness was useless

because with a single flight

you fell motionless comrade.

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If I create a clone of myself and kill it, it would be suicide or omission


You can make a (short) skull for a friend his name is Pablo please

:,v don’t c rick it seems fake xd

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