Learn to make Origami of Skulls Easily

Learn to make Origami of Skulls Easily with these simple videos that show you step by step how to make a decoration for Halloween or give it to a person who loves all things skulls, magic or the occult.

The art of folding paper or also called “Origami” is one of the ways to encourage children, adolescents, and adults’ imagination to create objects as well as improve hand dexterity and coordination in both simple and complicated steps.

Easy Skull Origami Tutorials

Today we will learn to create different types of origami in the shape of a skull in a few minutes like the following

The video of the channel “Origami Plus – Easy Origami Tutorials” is one of the fastest ones that can be done since it does not present much difficulty. The clip has more than 19,000 views and positive comments due to its easy handling and amazing results.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

If you are a fan of skulls and pumpkins, this video is the one you should choose to start making Origami. The “Supermanualidades” channel made this clip of almost 6 minutes where it manufactures two objects representing Halloween in simple steps, either to decorate your home or office.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Another video of a slightly more rigorous level is that of the channel of “Karla Velazquez” who in just 13 minutes manages to make a paper skull for Halloween. The clip has almost 10,000 views since it was uploaded to the YouTube platform, making it one of the most recommended.

Difficulty Level: Beginner – Intermediate

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We are going up a level and this time we present you the video from the channel called “Jo Nakashima – Origami Tutorials” that made one of the skull origami with High difficulty and it took him 12 minutes to do it. So far it has 143,409 views and hundreds of comments praising the work that went into teaching this folding technique.

Difficulty Level: Hard

One of the videos that attracts the most attention just by seeing the preview of the level of difficulty is the one on the channel that has the name “happyfolding.com – enjoy origami online”. Making this origami for Halloween decoration in the best way took the artist no more and no less than 23 minutes.

Difficulty Level: Hard

But without a doubt, the one that we must treat with great respect and dedication is the origami of the channel “CreativeBreakdown” that despite the fact that he assembled the parts in 2 minutes (Duration of the video), this is only a Timelapse since it took him much longer but at the same time being a very long process narrowed it down. See how difficult it is to do it and tell us if you dare to do it.

Difficulty Level: Extra Hard

These are some of the tutorial videos that we found on Youtube and that we loved so we share these ideas with our readers. Now tell us which of them you plan to do either for Halloween or for another reason.

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