Japanese Skull Tattoos

The Japanese Skull Tattoos are extremely special and it is that the strokes that are used to capture them are not the typical ones that are used with other tattoos but ones with much greater detail both in colors and shapes. Learn about the history of Japanese tattoos and how Eastern society observes the people who wear them.

Take a look at these galleries of Japanese Skull Tattoos that you may have as inspiration to get one. Oriental styles attract attention anywhere and if you are a person with a lot of strength, this art is the one for your skin.

History of Japanese Tattoos

In ancient times, Japanese tattoos were on the skin of very important people and they tattooed their skin in the form of protection from the gods of that time, while in the 3rd and 5th century after Christ, these were no longer considered something good by On the contrary, it was the criminals who carried them as a sign that the people knew that the wearer committed a crime.

In this way, until now, Eastern society has considered that tattoos are a mark of only criminals, so they have also chosen to have it as a “special mark” to sow fear and distinguish themselves from other criminal organizations that lie in wait for them. Asia.

Within this repertoire of tattoos you can see demonic figures from the best-known mafias on the continent as well as other smaller ones. Among these is the well-known Yakuza mafia that tells in its history that they were samurai but that after being left without a job due to the unification of the government they organized as a gang to later be the most feared there.

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 Japanese Skull Tattoos

Due to history, this kind of tattoos became very popular in the region, so artists made tattoos of samurais dressed for the fight but in the form of skulls. These tattoos are very realistic to the point that they can be a little scary.

Demons dressed as samurai are also present because tattoo artists wanted to make new models that people in the East like. Even to this day in some parts of Japan, access to some public baths as well as gyms is prohibited.

The colors in the samurais skull tattoos are also present and are much more requested due to the tonality used in it. The arm is one of the places that is most used to carry out this type of art since a large place is needed to take the entire shape.

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