Japanese artist turns small pearls into skulls

Shinji Nakaba is a Japanese artist who since 1974 has created fascinating works that are unique for the details he makes but since he made several pieces of skulls with pearls his popularity has skyrocketed throughout the Internet.

The author has taken recyclable materials, latras and even garbage to create his arts but since he used a pair of pearls to make small skulls the world has fallen in love with him since he does not only make thick lines that can have the shape of a skull but he makes it in detail that more than one wants to learn how to do it.

These photos that the Artist has shared show how it begins with carving the pearls to form the skull. The time he takes is quite a lot since he must have a very equal appearance to be able to show it to the public and everyone will be amazed with his technique.

The images also show the final result of the product that many are looking to buy since it is one of the most fashionable items in recent times.

If the pearl is large, it is much easier to transform it since you have more control over it. However, small pearls, despite being a challenge every day, the result is amazing, as shown in this collection of skull-shaped pearls. of different sizes.

In order for people to recognize his works, he has not only managed to spread throughout the world about what he does, but also that there is an inscription on them that says “vanitas”, which in Latin means “vanity”.

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Skull Pearl Ring and Skull Pearl Bracelet

The pieces that people like the most are precisely when they see that Nakaba not only performs his conversions but when he makes products like this skull bracelet that is one of the favorites.

Another of the products that have caught the attention of the world are the skull-shaped pearl rings and which are undoubtedly ideal for women who want to denote a different style.

Watch two of the videos that he has shown on his Youtube channel that has the same name about the result of his finishes and how wonderful they look “Live and direct”.

Another of the clips that Nakaba has on his account on the largest video platform is of a skull that is no longer human but a very different one that he has also liked since it is impressive how he manages to capture each of the details of a skull in a small pearl.

Different types of specimens he has been able to create from the skulls, apart from those already mentioned, he has also manufactured skull pearl earrings or skull earrings as well as skull necklaces which are the latest products.

Would you buy one of these specimens of skulls made of pearls? Tell us which of all of them you like the most so that you can give that special person a gift or treat yourself.

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