Jack Skellington Halloween Cake Recipe

Many films have already become an icon in the world of cinema. But what’s more, several of them have inspired what would be the most original desserts for Halloween night, such as the Jack Skellington chocolate cake.

jack skellington cake recipe


Are you ready to use some movie ingredients? These portions will only give you a medium size cake. So if you want to make more, double the amount.

  • 75 grams of unsalted butter
  • 75 grams of sugar
  • 70 grams of flour
  • 25 grams of powdered flour
  • 200 grams of cream cheese
  • 50 grams of icing sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ tablespoon of salt
  • 2 ml of vanilla essence
  • black dye

Preparation of the Jack Skellington cake

This is a recipe that has a medium difficulty. Actually, the hardest part is getting the cake to look like Jack’s face. But with a little effort, it’s not hard to get.


  1. After starting the oven at 180º C , so it is already taking temperature, sift the flour into a very deep bowl. In said bowl, with the help of a spoon or something circular, you will make a hole in the center, add the cocoa powder and half a tablespoon of salt . Stir to mix well.
  2. In another bowl, throw the four eggs together with the white sugar . Beat with an electric whisk until this mixture, which will result in a whitish mixture, triples in size.
  3. Next, add the mixture of flour with cocoa and salt , stir everything well so that a creamier mixture is formed each time. It’s time to add the butter and vanilla, and mix more gently, until you get a cream.
  4. You are going to put this mixture in the mold , or molds, that you are going to use. If you see bubbles forming, then carefully break them up with a spatula. Everything must be well spread out and distributed.
  5. Put in the oven. Baking time will be around 20-25 minutes , maybe a little longer depending on your oven. When it takes about 15 minutes, start poking it to check that it’s done right inside. If the toothpick comes out clean, you can now take the cake out of the oven and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  6. We are going to prepare what would be the coverage to make Jack’s face. To do this, put the cream cheese in a bowl and beat with the rods in a bowl , to make it a little liquid. Then, add the icing sugar (previously sieved) and mix everything together for several minutes.
  7. When the cake is already at room temperature, with a knife or plate, spread the mixture you have prepared to make Jack’s face. You have to cover the entire surface of the cake very carefully.
  8. As you will have leftover cream cheese, you are going to mix it with the black food coloring , stirring well so that a creamy and blackish mixture is formed. You put this mixture in a pastry bag, and with it you are going to draw Jack’s eyes and mouth .
  9. If you don’t have a lot of handling with pastry bags, or you don’t want to complicate your life with mixtures, you can use what are known as edible markers to make the eyes and mouth… enjoy it!
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