How to Draw a Realistic Skull in Pencil Step by Step

If you are one of the people who likes to draw but who wants to perfect their technique every day, then this post is the one for you. You will know how to Draw a Realistic Skull in Pencil Step by Step but first we will start with a basic tutorial.

How to Draw a Realistic Skull in Pencil Step by Step

In this video you will be able to draw a skull in just 25 steps thanks to the PintayCrea Youtube channel. The clip has more than 7,000 visits since it was published on the platform. The comments of the users are only thanks since they learned how to make better strokes and greater control of the pen in each new step.

But since everything must go from minor to major, now we will show you the “Arte Pro” channel that teaches you “How to draw a skull step by step” in just 5 minutes, although this time it will be in two stages and a little more realistic. He will first show you how to make the skull from the front with deeper strokes as well as one in profile with the same technique. The more than 58 thousand views have made it on our list, however you can read in the comments that it is a bit difficult but with practice it can be achieved.

To improve after having seen the two previous tutorials or you are simply already at an Intermediate level and not a beginner then you should review these clips. With the title of “How to draw the skull from Front and Profile” from the channel “MiltonCor – Draw and Create” you can also make a human skull from the front and profile but with much better style than the previous one. The video has more than 118 thousand views since it was published on YouTube. You will need 17 minutes to follow this tutorial step by step.

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In “How to draw a skull / How to draw a chrome skull” from the ArteconAles channel they are at a much more realistic level than normal and they will teach you not only how to draw but also how to give your drawings greater depth. It has more than 16 thousand views and to be able to do it you need graphite pencils. In the comment box you can see how people congratulate the artist as well as thank him for teaching the method.

But if what you want is to learn “How to Draw a Realistic Skull in Pencil Step by Step” on the “TheMaxiArte” channel, carrying out this project will be more than fascinating. Almost 60 thousand views are those that support this tutorial. In the same way, there are almost a thousand likes that make it the best video to be able to draw an almost real skull.

Now that you have seen all the videos that you can see to be able to draw in addition to the level in which you are drawing, tell us what other tutorial could go in this category or if you have a clip published on YouTube and you want us to include it, you can leave it in the comments and we will evaluate if you can enter this list.

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