Halloween Witches Broomsticks Recipe

What would a nice Halloween meal be without any appetizers to help whet your appetite? The recipe that we are going to teach you below, known as “Witches’ brooms”, are actually for children, but they are also useful when you have to receive adults.

witches brooms recipe


It is an easy recipe to make, cheap and that even the smallest of the hunt can make. To do this, you only need these ingredients:

  • 1 stick of bread per broom
  • ½ slice of cheese (whatever you want) per broom
  • 1 strip of chives per broom

Preparation of witch’s brooms

You will see that the preparation of this recipe is not only simple, but it can also be even fun. The little ones in the house can help you make it.

  1. Let’s start working with the cheese slices. We have already indicated in the ingredients that you will need half a slice of cheese , the type you want, for each broom. Well, said slice you will have to cut it into strips , but without reaching the end, leaving a little piece that is not cut.
  2. With said slice, you are going to wrap the breadstick (salty breadsticks could spoil the recipe, so buy the regular ones). Remember to be very careful, as breadsticks break easily.
  3. Once the cheese wraps around the breadstick, you need to secure the cheese using a strip of chives . And you will have your witch’s broom ready! You will only have to repeat the process until you have everything ready.
  4. If you want to make it more spectacular, you can use scissors to further cut the cheese, and make it look like an even more realistic broom. Finally, the time has come to serve it.
  5. Just putting it on a plate would be a bit bland, don’t you think? So we recommend that you put plates with a few snacks , especially chips that are not too thick, so that this delicacy stands out from all the rest.
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