Halloween Vampire Burger Recipe

We already gave you a recipe to make a monster burger for Halloween… now we are going to give you another: a vampire burger for Halloween night. We already know that everyone likes this, so be prepared, because it is going to need a good assembly.

vampire burger recipe



The ingredients are actually not too difficult to come by, so grab a notebook and make a note of what you need:

  • 1 hamburger bun per person
  • 1 hamburger per person
  • 1 slice of cheese per person
  • ½ pitted green olive
  • 1/3 red bell pepper per burger
  • Ketchup

Preparation of the vampire burger

We are going to explain a simple way to prepare this hamburger. After all, it is a food that everyone likes, so do not hesitate to choose it for your Halloween dinner, because it is very easy to prepare!

  1. The first thing of all will be to make the hamburgers. So heat some extra virgin olive oil in a pan and cook the burgers on each side , until they are just right for each guest.
  2. While the hamburgers are made, we can partially make what will be the vampire bread. To do this, you prick a couple of skewers in the upper part with about two slices of green olives, cut into julienne strips.
  3. In front of these olives, you are going to place two portions of red pepper , cut into strips and in a triangle, to make the effect of red eyes.
  4. When the burger is ready, it’s time to assemble it. She takes a slice of cheese and slices it off to leave, from the front only, what will look like two vampire fangs . Put the slice on the bottom of the bread.
  5. Said slice is covered with ketchup, or fried tomato, and you put the burger on top, squashing so that the ketchup comes out the front and it looks like the fangs are bleeding.
  6. Finally, the pieces that you removed from the slice are put on the hamburger , place the top part of the bun and your vampire hamburger is ready to be served.
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