halloween dinner

Every good Halloween dinner has to have a good starter that serves to whet the appetite of the guests.

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pumpkin cream recipe for halloween

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Halloween Pizza Recipe

Far from the classic trick or treat, Halloween is also a party with which to surprise with a special menu. Before everyone heads out to start scaring the neighborhood or some party, hasn’t it occurred to you that you could prepare a Halloween dinner? Yes, you’re reading that right: a Halloween dinner. There are so many varieties of Halloween dinner recipes to choose from, it will cost you.

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A terrifying way to start the night

As the time for the sun to hide in the shadows approaches, more and more people are taking to the streets, it is when they most want to make a Halloween dinner. There are all kinds of menus: light, for a complete dinner, for a dinner at a party…

And you know the best of all? That the dishes look so disgusting, slimy and horrifying that everyone is going to be a little scared and want to vomit at the idea of ​​eating one of those dishes.

The starters, perfect for a dinner of picaditas

There are those who strictly follow that: dinners should be light so as not to burden the stomach too much. So, in honor of those people, you will have to prepare a meal of picaditas, and some of these can serve as starters for a more complete dinner.

But we are not talking about boring and bland starters like ghost snacks. We are talking about homemade starters! Like mini pumpkins, ghosts or amputated fingers . They are dishes that have no mystery, and that can be done in a very short time. Ideal to start the evening.

The main course, the scarier it is, the better

The main course of the night must be a dish that remains engraved in the retina of your guests. Something that, although it looks disgusting, you really want to eat.

Let’s think. It’s Halloween night, and what creatures are related to this night? Surely zombies come to mind as the first option. Well, you can make a fantastically delicious zombie hand made from meatloaf, but with a burnt and rotten look!

Vampires are another of tonight’s signature creatures, right? Well, combining a little your imagination with your skill in the kitchen you can prepare the famous vampire burger . It will look like he’s really bleeding out.

Too simple and not flashy? Well, what about the poisoned tortilla next to some salty coffins ? A perfect combination to share with guests in small dishes. The omelet will look so suspicious that they’ll think you’ve really poisoned it.

You will realize that at a Halloween dinner the important thing is creativity. The dishes are exactly the same that you might make every day, with the only difference that the shape of these is worked on so that they have a more… “peculiar” appearance. With some good recipes, a little work in the kitchen and giving them the right look, few will be the ones who will forget the Halloween dinner at your house.

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