Halloween Dessert Recipes

Halloween… the only night of the year in which putting on your boots with trinkets is not frowned upon. Nevertheless! Who wants to go door to door asking for treats when there are homemade Halloween desserts that are the best way to end the holiday?

sweet graves recipe

Halloween Sweet Graves Recipe

jelly eyes recipe

Halloween Jelly Eyes Recipe

ghostly strawberries recipe

Halloween Ghostly Strawberries Recipe

saint's bones recipe

Halloween Saint Bones Recipe

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Ghostly Halloween Bananas Recipe

bloody eyes recipe

Halloween Bloody Eyes Recipe

Pumpkin shaped cake recipe

Halloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Candies and trinkets… is that all you can expect from the night of the dead? Of course not! It’s a great day to get into the kitchen and think about preparing a series of Halloween desserts, with which to close a party… you could even give some away when they go to your house to do the trick or treat!

The sweetest flavor for Halloween night

If at parties like Christmas, Easter or for a birthday you spend a couple of hours in the kitchen, what is it that prevents you from doing the same on Halloween night? You also have some delicious dishes that you can prepare that night, perfect desserts and closely linked to this party.

Some, such as the saint’s bones , have ended up being attached to the menus of some restaurants and catering businesses because the name can lead to associate it with the party. They are simple desserts, with a very sweet flavor and much healthier than the industrial pastries that you can buy.

The most perfect for a children’s party

Kids love sweet things, it’s a fact. And if they are homemade, they will like them more. So, if you are one of those who have decided to throw a small children’s party at home, why not make some homemade Halloween desserts? Like chocolate tombs, a simple and perfect recipe for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time locked up in the kitchen.

If they are very young, spider web muffins, cookie spiders and witch hats will be ideal to conquer the innocent hearts of these children… but then don’t do like the wicked witches and steal their essence!

Win with the adults with the best Halloween desserts

Adults may be a little more sophisticated, and therefore a little more difficult to satisfy. But that shouldn’t stop you. You can serve several desserts, so that on the table there are some sweets that, at the same time, serve as a starter and dessert. To make it a disgusting and disgusting party, serving jelly eyes or bloody eyes will guarantee that more than one will end up scared. In fact, these two Halloween desserts are made in such a way that they can be put inside a drink.

The main dessert should be something big, that catches the eye. Like, for example, the pumpkin-shaped cake ! You already know that the pumpkin is an element closely linked to the Halloween party, so the fact that there is something like this, with such a sweet and mild flavor, will fool the guests a lot. But make no mistake, this dessert doesn’t have to be made with pumpkin. The orange coating can be with fondant or coloring, while the interior can be that of a normal chocolate cake.

Now, if you want to be simpler, and prepare something that is faster, with the ghost cookies you will surely conquer and scare some hearts because of how delicious they will be.

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