Halloween Cookie Recipes

ghost cookies recipe

Halloween Ghost Cookies Recipe

Recipe for cookies decorated with fondant

Halloween Fondant Decorated Cookies Recipe

shortbread and gingerbread cookies recipe for halloween

Butter and gingerbread cookies for Halloween

recipe for chocolate cookies decorated with fondant

Chocolate Cookies Decorated for Halloween Recipe

bat cookies recipe

Halloween Bat Cookies Recipe

skeleton cookies recipe for halloween

Skeleton cookies for Halloween

dracula cookies recipe

Halloween Dracula Cookies Recipe

shortbread cookies recipe for halloween

Shortbread Cookies Recipe for Halloween

zombie finger cookies recipe

Halloween Zombie Finger Cookies Recipe

Gingerbread mummy cookies recipe

Halloween Gingerbread Mummy Cookies Recipe

green apple cookies recipe for halloween

Green apple cookies recipe for Halloween

butter cookies recipe for halloween

Halloween Cookie Recipes

cookie spiders recipe

Halloween Cookie Spiders Recipe

We are going to give you some advice. Do not settle for buying sweets and cookies in supermarkets. Think that everything they sell to give to children at this time is loaded with products that are harmful to their health. Better prepare something original for them. Halloween cookies as terrifying as they are tasty!

A great plan to do with the little ones in the house

Do you know that one of the activities that children like the most is making cookies? Although we are in a time full of technology, and it seems that children are already born with a Smartphone under their arms, it is something that they continue to love.

Since it is a very simple recipe to make, and very classic in Master Chef Junior, you could teach them how to make the cookie dough and shape them into the creatures of the night all together. For home or to give as a gift, it never hurts to think a little about doing an activity like this . Think a little about the child in you and take him out to play with your children!

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Very adorable and delicious cookies

For the little ones, cookies do not have to be scary. What’s more, it’s good to give them a funnier vision of the creatures of the night. For example, a bat with googly eyes and an adorable smile, covered in a chocolate surface that looks like fur. Don’t you think it’s cute?

Clearly we are referring to cookies decorated with fondant , which are the ones that can give the most play to the little ones in the house. Although Halloween butter cookies never fail. They are rich, flavorful and so much fun to make.

To give the children to knock on your door? There are several options, such as decorated chocolate cookies, vampire cookies or zombie finger cookies . They have become quite a tradition on October 31 to do them, especially in the United States. Don’t you want to be a part of it?

Some cookies can be very scary

We invite you to let your creative spirit fly. When the dough is ready to work, do not give it the typical round cookie shape and leave everything up to decoration. Try shaping it into a terrifying, ghastly shape…and then with a bit of color you’ll have a perfect underworld creature for Halloween!

Like Halloween skeleton cookies. Generally these cookies look very adorable, but some have managed to create ones so realistic that they look like real bones. Would you dare eat a cookie skeleton that looks almost human? Then you have softer ones, like Halloween shortbread cookies . With these you can work a bit, because if you put a good filling, like jam, it will look like people bleed when eating them.

Some are really fun to make, like Gingerbread Mummy Cookies or Green Apple Cookies for Halloween . It is important that they taste good but that the presentation is spectacular. The latter, remember that especially at this party, it is the most important thing.

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