Halloween Candy Recipes

There are typical recipes that cannot be missing on Halloween, such as these sweet dishes that will make everyone remember this day. Take a look at these ideas and prepare them together with your people.

Tired of leaving you a fortune every year in Halloween candy to give to the kids? Why what you have to put inside the trays for children’s parties annoys your budget? No problem! We know some secrets to make Halloween sweets with which you will be the master of the street.

Make them yourself, it will be cheaper

Have you never heard that “it’s cheaper to do it at home”? With the cost of the ingredients, you can make lots of Halloween candy to put out at a party, give to the kids, or take to the office.

For example, have you never tried to make a lollipop? Actually, the lollipops are made in a very short time. With good molds, you can make lollipops of various types, with quite striking designs . Some can be creepy like eye lollipops, others quite cute and delicious like bat lollipops.

An original idea, with which to succeed with children

Whether it is to give when they call for trick or treating, or for a party that your child wants to organize at home, you are going to succeed with the original ideas that there are for Halloween candy.

Is it that you don’t know them? For example, you have the skull cookies , which are as delicious as they are horrendous. But they are very simple, so if you like to decorate, and to make something look really scary to whoever looks at it, you have the ghostly bananas . To this you can add sweet eyes . And we are not talking about just any eyes. Eyes that will look like they are real. The touch will seem so realistic that there will be many who do not dare to try them.

There are other equally great ideas, such as spider cupcakes , which, with a little decoration, will look like a real spider. Especially if you’re good at working with chocolate powder. Or the jelly worms. If you were looking for something cheap to make, and very simple, this last recipe is just what you need.

Some Halloween candy can serve as dessert

Maybe it hadn’t crossed your mind, but did you know that some Halloween candies can be served as desserts? No, we are not cheating on you. You have for example the custard tombs , in which, with a little decoration, a simple custard can look like a cemetery.

Along with ghostly strawberries and shortbread bones , there won’t be a single guest at your house who won’t be satisfied with these Halloween treats. More than one will want you to reveal your secrets to them. If you add to this learning how to prepare a Halloween cake, everyone will be so delighted that they will want to return the following year.

We are not going to deceive you. Although these are actually very easy recipes to follow and make, some will require a bit of work on your part. Of course, we promise that the final result you will get will be worth it. Being homemade will be even richer!

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