halloween birthday

Is your birthday on Halloween? That of one of your children? And what are you waiting for to buy everything for the party that is almost around the corner?! Don’t know where to start? Let us at Decalaveras give you a hand!

The best props for a Halloween birthday

Taking advantage of the fact that your birthday falls on such an important date, why not create the best setting and throw a Halloween costume party at the same time? Of course, you can’t put anything on the table .

First of all, there are the plates and glasses . These have to have a Halloween decoration, with some detail of bats, spiders… or you could put some normal glasses and glasses, but covered in cobwebs or with some special cocktails for Halloween night.

Balloons in the shape of a skull or bat, colored confetti from Halloween night… and we must not forget what would be the containers for food. How about using some cauldrons to put the liquid food? And some bowls with skull and skeleton details for the rest of the meal?

What else is needed for a Halloween birthday?

Oops, you still have a lot to prepare, my friend. In the room where you are going to have the party there must be a good setting, so you will have to cover it with cobwebs, put some dolls like spiders and skeletons, suitable music… and of course charge the lighting with electricity from your house so that only you can use candlelight!

For that there are plenty of chandeliers you can turn to, covered in spider webs and bleeding. If you work your Halloween menu well, and buy a perfect cake for a Halloween birthday , your guests will not only leave your house very scared but they will also want to return another year to see how you surprise them again.

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Everything you need for a Halloween birthday in Decalaveras

Are you on the verge of hysteria because you still have a lot of things to prepare for the birthday Halloween? Thankfully, at Decalaveras we always have everything ready for this type of critical situation! In our catalog you will find everything you need and, you know what else? With 24 hour shipping! Of course, to this we must add the lowest prices on the market. Prepare the best Halloween birthday party thanks to Decalaveras!

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