gothic shoes

Think about it for a moment. With all the money you’ve spent on clothing, now you’re going to throw in the towel with gothic shoes? Why else can you get some of very good quality? Or is it that you have not investigated what your options are?

What is the difference with other shoes?

One of the main differences is that gothic shoes are totally black . You will not find another variety. In addition, the material that is usually used is leather , to give it an appearance of hardness and resistance.

On the other hand, there is a wide variety of designs, both for men and women, while those of other styles tend to give more importance to one sex or the other.

Choose well the gothic shoe you want

Let’s see, what do you think can be the gothic shoe that fits best with your outfit? If it’s casual, we recommend a full-foot shoe that goes just above the ankle . If the dress is informal, but you are wearing a dress, there are gothic shoes open at the ankle area, which will help you to sensualize your look.

In the case of a formal dress, you have several options. For women there are high-heeled shoes, some of which are high-heeled and with a silver-plated sole to give it a more stately touch. For them, slip-on shoes with silver studs, which gives it a rather distinctive touch.

For those who are more daring, there are platform shoes , in a variety for both women and men. Ideal for those who are sick of being criticized for their height or looked down on. Of course, they are not made for everyone, since they are quite heavy and it can be somewhat uncomfortable to move with them.

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What gothic shoes do we offer you at Decalaveras?

Now are we going to bore you by giving you a long list of what we are going to offer you? If we can sum it up for you in one word: everyone.

It does not matter if you have to buy some gothic shoes in a hurry because you have to go on a date, to replace your old shoes or for a wedding or job interview. In our store you will find all kinds of footwear, and, of course, we always guarantee the lowest price on the market.

What are you not believing? It’s your problem, but if you look a little further down, you’ll see how we weren’t lying to you.

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