gothic necklaces

Let’s see… are you going to ruin your look by choosing the wrong necklace that you are going to wear? How are you going to show your darker, melancholic and sinister side by wearing a flower necklace? Nope! If you are a goth you have to be in everything! So check out one of these gothic necklaces!

A way to express your sorrow

Do you have resentment towards the world? Show why no one understands you? Carry out an attack on that unfair society? This and much more is what you can do by acquiring a good gothic pendant.

There are necklaces of all kinds, from simple hearts in different colors, carved as if they were a precious stone or more gloomy designs, in which death is 100% represented. Rest assured that many will be stunned to see them.

What is the most popular?

Well, it all depends on how uncovered you wear your neck. If you wear a high-necked jacket or shirt, bet on an inconspicuous necklace, with a chain and something medium in size. If it is going to be seen little, you should not highlight it too much either, because in this case you are looking for people to notice your clothes.

Now, in the event that you go more uncovered, you can wear a necklace that covers your entire neck , and from which different stones hang from a thread or chain, which has an irregular shape, such as a necklace made of beads.

Another option is to go for what would be like a pet pendant, but for humans. In fact, you already know that within the gothic world there are those who are pets of whom… do you want to give yourself to a man? A leather necklace, with metal spikes or a simpler design , but with a plate on which your name can be written, with a couple of chains.

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The figures of these necklaces can be various, from demons, skeletons, mythological beings to a precious medallion of precious stones . The possibilities are so many that it is difficult to name them.

Are you interested in getting only the best?

We know that you are not interested in anything. You are not going to settle for a cheap imitation or a piece of jewelry that you could buy in any Chinese, are you?

And for this reason, at Decalaveras we have the best gothic necklaces, with the most striking and interesting designs on the market . At a price that might just make your heart beat again.

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