Does having a skull take care of your house? Myth or Reality

If you have ever heard someone say that “Putting a skull in the house helps prevent you from being robbed” after reading this article, if you ever considered doing this act, now you will have it much more in mind and it is that despite the fact that many think that this It’s just a myth, others say it’s a reality.

But where does this movement of having a skull in your home come from so they don’t break in to steal? It is not yet known where this custom came from, however it is attributed to the country of Peru since for many years the so-called “Shamans” or “Witches” recommend carrying out this practice and even a district goes to carry out its “own day of dead” but with a variety.

Does having a skull take care of your house?

On the calendar of the district of Chongos Bajo, province of Huancayo, November 3 falls on the town’s inhabitants performing the Tulluypampay (buried bone) ritual in commemoration of deceased relatives so that they can “accompany” and “take care” of all the members of the family.

Does having a skull take care of your house?

The residents are so devoted to this celebration that many have declared to the country’s press the stories they have had after having these skulls under their roof:

“He is Luchito, I have had him for 25 years, some relatives left him to me, I accepted him because in a dream he revealed himself to me, he told me I am your uncle Luchito Iriarte, captain of the PIP, if someone offends you, let me know, I’ll go. to enforce respect”, says Josefina Iriarte as she prepares to save ‘Luchito’.

The father of the community, although he is not against the customs of the town, has asked the district authorities to build a sacred place so that these skulls can rest, however they do not want to part with their “protective soul” since they assure that If they are left somewhere other than their home, then they will be left unprotected to such an extent that everything that could not harm them at one time will now be able to do so.

Myth or Reality

Not all people believe in this act, so they say that it is only a myth since having a skull in your house is not a sign of anything and they even brand others who do have it, of being acting badly, however, they respond that since they have it their house is more blessed and they feel that you are safer.

The “Shamans” of Peru comment that doing this not only blesses your home from diseases, it protects from any thief who wants to take advantage when the person is not at home, as well as taking care of the whole family from any accident that may occur.

And what do you think of these beliefs? Leave us in the comments if you would also have a skull take care of your house and your family or you just think that they are superstitions that people believe in order to feel safer both in their homes and on the street.

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