Dedicated Literary Skulls

Dedicated skulls are short texts that have a consonant or assonant sonority and are carried out in the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. In the beginning, they were used to criticize a political regime to show discontent with a public or political figure. But from the 20th century we can find the dedicated skulls that are family writings in which the name to whom the skull is dedicated is inscribed as part of the composition, the fact of doing this demonstrates the closeness with the figure of death and the self-confidence with which she is seen as close.

List of Dedicated Literary Skulls

I will give a dedicated skull to José Guadalupe

Of whom they said that as a child, he nibbled the bones

of the dead madam,

And look at it now, that all death in life

The two spent it celebrating to the sound of the engravings,

And the dead woman did who laughs, and the other,

does not stay behind, besides that a few

who do make them laugh and have a good time

laughing, oh José Guadalupe, you had

your final marriage

on January 20,

and that cheeky girlfriend with whom you You were

, he keeps showing us his teeth,

Dancing with everyone, celebrating death.

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