Decorate your home with these skulls

Do you like skulls but don’t know how to include them in your home other than in a slightly scary way? Look at these perfect decorations to set your home in the most elegant and unique way. The steps to perform them are easy, so the tutorials do not exceed 15 minutes.

YouTube channels that also love skulls have known how to create an ornament for their homes in a spectacular way.

Tutorial to decorate your home with skulls

The first video comes from the “Mis Marialidades” channel, which has more than 18,000 views since the clip was uploaded to the platform. In the tutorial that bears the name «Skull for Halloween! Decorate your Home – DIY – Mery »she builds a skull in a box with nails and then intertwine it with a thread to give it the right shape. Although the decoration is made for the Day of the Dead, it could be kept in the room without any problem.

In this tutorial that is called “Corona de Calaveras Día De Muertos / Halloween” and is made by the channel Chuladas Creativas”. The steps to be able to make this decoration will only take you a couple of minutes since the video has a duration of almost 13 minutes. The video has more than 60,000 views and comments where users congratulate the originality of the creator and the results they obtained.

But if what you want is to have a great decoration both in the living room, rooms or a corner of your home, then you should watch this video. «Dia de Muertos Decoration:Halloween Chava» from the Dana & Chava channel is one of the clips that is recommended to decorate. It has more than 90 thousand reproductions and the materials to use can be easily obtained. Then you will only have to paint them and then assemble a couple of roses and finish the product.

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Another great idea is to make «Skulls decorated with filigree, Quilling skulls» from the pintaideas channel. With more than 200,000 views since it was posted on YouTube, this video has become the favorite of many since you will not only have a fascinating result but you will also have fun doing it. You can give it to someone or have it somewhere in your house as they will look great without clashing at any time of the day.

Finally we bring you a video that will be incredible and that is that this decorative cushion will be ideal for your sofas or armchairs in the living room. The video has few views but it is one of those with excellent comments that will soon go viral. The channel it comes from is called “CURIOCITY” and it already has more than 54 thousand subscribers.

Now that you know that you can have a skull in your unique home and without being judged for having it, what are you waiting for to do it immediately. All these resources are on YouTube but we have considered the best of all since they are the ones that have had the most popularity or the ones that have the best comments such as likes on the platform.

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