Day of the dead skulls

On November 2, the Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico . It is a celebration in which the Day of the Dead ofrendas and Skulls occupy a prominent place, because with them people remember their deceased loved ones and share what they liked in life. Before the Spanish arrived, there was already a tradition of placing them, since even then it was believed that the deceased would return to their homes that day, to be with their families and share food.

As part of the celebration of this day, in the 19th century some literary compositions in verse emerged, known in Mexico as Calaveras . These popular rhymes are usually written on the eve of the Day of the Dead and are an expression of popular sentiment, regarding issues of life and death, written and recited in a mocking tone.

These are short phrases and popular sayings, by way of epitaphs in which people can be portrayed as if death had already reached them or to channel feelings that are difficult to express outside of that humorous context. They become the art of saying, of the word and it is not only used to express discontent in the family or among friends, they also serve to express discontent towards politicians and institutions of power.

Day of the Dead Literary Skulls List

Women together, not deceased.

It’s night, close the doors

that the party is going to start.

The one who seeks prey, happy leaves

knowing which one she will take.


The catrina is stubborn ,

she doesn’t ask for tamales or wine , she

doesn’t ask for a loan

, she comes, drinks and leaves.


They danced with the catrina all night

and when leaving the dance, she was hit by a car.


At the party there was no pan de muerto,

that’s why the bony woman took Roberto.

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