Cave of Skulls

If you live in Spain or are on vacation in that country, then we recommend you visit one of the most beautiful places on earth and we are referring to the Cueva de las Calaveras located in Benidoleig (Alicante).

This tourist attraction is one of the points that you must visit before you leave this life, so you should write it down on your short-term travel list because after what we will tell you, you will want to go immediately.

History of the Cave of Skulls

It was the 17th century where after a speleological expedition they gave the name to this cave because they found bones of 12 people who are said to be Muslims who were in the place in the Middle Ages.

The water currents that the cave had were used to make a connection to the orchards, but none were successful, so human remains could remain in it.

Animals that lived in the cave of skulls

In addition to the aforementioned bones, you can also find remains of a variety of animals in this cave, such as:

  • Bears
  • hyenas
  • Bulls
  • Horses
  • rhinos
  • hippos

The bones found today are in the Archaeological Museum of Alcoy, although organisms that ended up fossilizing can still be seen on the walls. The cave of skulls is presumed to be an average of 60 million years old.

Tour of the Cave of Skulls

The “jonatand69” channel was able to record a part of the route that is taken when entering the Cueva de las Calaveras. The video lasts 36 minutes and although it does not have many views since it was posted in 2017, it is one of the most complete that exists so far.

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Look at this fabulous attraction but only to be able to encourage you to go to the place where it is and not to take it as “verification” since even though it may not be abundant for your eyes when you live in the moment it will be more than fabulous.

This cave has two areas where one of them is flooded with a distance of 240 meters while the other is completely dry and where tourists can visit.

We are sure that your children will have fun and explore like great Archaeologists in this cave that receives a large number of visitors every year.

Prices and duration of the visit to the Cave of Skulls

The visit lasts one hour and the cost for the elderly is 3.5 euros, while for the elderly it is 3 euros and for minors it costs 2 euros.

If you are one of the people who had the joy of being able to visit the cave of skulls and want to share your photos, then send us an inbox to the fan page @DeCalaverascom.

Also comment from which part of Spain or the world you traveled to attend this attraction and how to get there since many still do not know the way and it makes it very difficult for them, making them discouraged from going.

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