Calaveras rhymes

Skull rhymes are a kind of composition in verse that have characteristics that make them special and unique, such as referring to people as if they were already dead, using them to express feelings that are difficult to channel in another context, and also these poems are usually accompanied by drawings of skulls , an object from which they take their name.

Origin of the Rhymes of Calaveras

They have their origin in Mexico and in the 19th century they were called Pantheons. It is in this country where they are most popular, these compositions are written above all on the eve of the Day of the Dead, since they are poems dedicated to and inspired by them, as a way of letting them know that we have not forgotten them.

Despite the fact that they are made on a day when we remember those who are no longer with us, they are very fun and easy to do, since that is their objective to give a happy touch to a sad day.

Types of Verses of Skulls

There are many different types, such as shorter rhymes, which form cool and funny jokes, love rhymes, etc. In the days in which they originated, they were mainly created so that the people could express their discontent with the political class, for which they were often persecuted, censored and destroyed.

These popular rhymes that deal with themes of life and death in a mocking tone are made using short and catchy phrases, and popular sayings that are intended above all to amuse, express feelings and emotions, drawing the attention of everyone who reads them.

Go ahead and make your own skull, you will see how you have fun and manage to make an ingenious rhyme that will be liked and will allow you to express what you carry inside of you.

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