Best Tibetan Skull Tattoos

Do you want to get Tibetan skull tattoos on your body but you still can’t decide which one? We present you the best tattoo designs that artists around the world uploaded to the network to become famous.

These designs are the ones that we liked the most and that surely many people must have on their skin, however, we are not telling you to run to the tattoo artist to make one just like it, but to take it as inspiration and impregnate your body with a completely original one. .

Best Tibetan Skull Tattoos

One of the ideal places to be able to make a Tibetan skull tattoo is on the arm since it can cover most of it with an average from the shoulder to the forearm.

Although there is no problem if the entire length of the arm is taken to be able to make the tattoo. Here is a sample of what could be seen on you if you would like to take your whole arm to make art.

In the same way, the ideal size for this tattoo is always to cover three quarters of the limb. In this case we appreciate the model’s leg from the thigh to the calf.

A simple and very elegant design is to combine yellow, light blue, orange and neutral colors on the forearm.

As for Tibetan skull tattoos, highlighting strong colors is the best option to denote not only security but also strength and ambition, but not bad.

The external side of the leg is another of the ideal places where one can tattoo this type of piece and that will be perfect without any regret.

Now, if you want a much more striking design with colors everywhere and that is not just any design, then tattooing a Tibetan skull on your back is what you should do.

These pieces not only take the user’s back but also part of the arms to finish fitting the design. Although this example is not very colorful, it is still just as impressive due to the strokes used and the yellow color that highlights the main figure.

This image below is the same piece but at different angles. The artist who made the design captured this series of photos to admire the final result.

If you know the artists who made these arts, tell us so we can add them to the legend of each photograph and so they can know about their work.

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Now that you have seen several Tibetan skull tattoo designs, tell us if you would make a design of this type or if you already have it, do not forget to write to our fan page @DeCalaverascom and send us the photo of your design so we can add it to this incredible gallery .

If you are a person who likes to get tattooed then do not forget to recommend a safe place in your town or country that other people should visit since it has great artists, their strokes are very good or if they are trusted people who use the best implements to do their works.

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