best slipknot songs

If you are a fan of this band then this post will fascinate you since we have selected the best Slipknot songs since they started in the world of music, from the first single to the last one they released.

Do you agree with this list? Then share it with your friends who also like Slipknot, however if you are not, we ask you to write in a comment the songs that you would have liked to have been instead of these.

left behind

This song in a single from his second album titled Lowa. He has managed to reach important positions in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It has a duration of 4 minutes with 1 second that are a delight.


The official video for “Sulfur” was the last where Paul Gray could be seen with the band, before his death. The theme has been one of the most played on all radios due to its musical importance that it has brought to other bands.

Spit It Out

The “Contempt” of a local station on the band made them compose this song in retaliation for what was happening. After having achieved fame after 2 years, this radio began to play their songs more often due to what they had achieved in a short time.


“People=Shit” is and will be one of the songs that fans stick with the most due to the lyrics it has in addition to the heaviness with which it is composed. This one because of how much the fans love it is the one they always play live.

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This single came to occupy very high places in important lists worldwide. It was nominated for awards, however, it did not win them, but its popularity is great.

Wait And Bleed

This song was published as his first single in 1998 and since then it has not ceased to be one of the public’s favorites. He has achieved great positions in very important lists.

Dead Memories

One of the songs that fans of this metal band have the most in their memory is «Dead Memories». It has a duration of 4 minutes and 28 seconds.


«Duality» is undoubtedly how once it has already been described as «the best video clip that the discography has ever made. Here below we leave you the link of the video where you can view this great theme.

Before I Forget

The only Grammy the band won was thanks to “Before I Forget” for best metal performance. Critics have praised this song due to all the elements that make it up.


Another of the songs that fans sing and shout at each concert is “Psychosocial” which has a duration of 4 minutes and 42 seconds. Those of the band have assured that it has satanic messages, however, when reading the lyrics, none of this is found, for what is presumed to be metaphorically.

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