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The bands that we will present have been and continue to be important representatives in music, but above all in this genre that has moved thousands of people worldwide.

Ranking best punk songs

This list is made through what we believe to be the best Punk songs so it is not an official list from any major magazine. However, if you think that some of the songs should not be there or you simply did not like our ranking, then write us a comment about what you think about the Punk songs of the entire history.

Where Eagles Dare – The Misfits

Coming from the Evilive II album and released in 1998, Where Eagles Dare, it has become one of the best songs in this genre, reaching number 10 on this list.

Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols

Located at number 53 in Rolling Stones magazine, Anarchy in the UK, was released in 1976 and since then has not stopped reaping success around the world.

Search and Destroy – The Stooges

With a duration of 3 minutes of 29 seconds, this song is one of the best punk songs that exists so far and it is because the masses that it has managed to move for a long time have been relevant to this ranking.

Complete Control – The Clash

This single by this British group was released in 1977 and gradually became the public’s favorite. In Rolling Stone magazine it is located at number 361.

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Waiting Room – Fugazi

The First Demo album was the record where the Waiting Room became known to the whole world. It was the year 2014 where it had its release date and despite being only a couple of years old it is one of our favorites.

Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys

This song that has two versions: For album and unique by the same band has had other very good versions but the original is the one we like the most.

Kick Out the Jams – MC5

With the same name of the album, we have left one of the best songs we have heard in our lives. It has a duration of 2 minutes and 52 seconds of great music.

London Calling – The Clash

Another song by this band that is on our list of the best songs in the history of Punk due to its spectacular sound. It debuted in 1979 and to this day it is still important in this genre.

God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols

Despite having a great deal of controversy when it was released to the world, this song is one of the songs that the public has enjoyed the most and that they will surely continue to listen to for many more years.

Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones

Blitzkrieg Bop is, for us, the best song in the entire history of punk because of what it generated and continues to generate in all of us who listen to this great band. The Ramones!

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