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Listen in this post to the best Metallica songs from its beginnings to the last song. If you agree with this ranking then share it with your friends who love Metallica.

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Sad But True

This song is a single from the band that has gained great strength, which is why it is on this list because the fans love it. The lyrics are based on the film Magica which was made in 1978.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

With a duration of 5 minutes and 10 seconds, this song is the 3rd from the group’s 2nd studio album. In Spanish it translates as “For whom the bell tolls” (which comes from the novel with the same name by the writer Hemingway.)

seek & destroy

Written by J. Hetfield and L. Ulrich, it first appeared in 1982 and was also the first to be recorded in a studio. The song is 6:50 in length and is presumed to have been inspired by “Dead Reckoning”.

The Day That Never Comes

Simple number 40 for “Met├íllica” and since it was published it became one of the most listened to by fans. The meaning of the lyrics talks about resentment and forgiveness.

The Unforgiven

With a duration of 6 minutes and 27 seconds, this single was created by Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett. The band wanted to give a different twist to what they always played, so this musical beauty was born.

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fade to black

The composition of “Fade to Black” has a similar structure to the four great songs of “Metallica”. The guitar solo that the theme has is on the list of “The best solos of all time”.

enter sandman

This song came to sell 30 million copies worldwide, also made the group’s fame rise to extraordinary levels. This version became nominated for a Grammy in the 2000s.

Nothing Else Matters

It was the simple number 3 of the album that has the name of the band. The success of the song was such that it managed to occupy the top positions of several lists worldwide.

Master of Puppets

Single from the album called with the same name, the meaning of the letter talks about how hallucinogens can have total control of a person to the point of completely losing their essence. It has been played more than 1,500 times live and has become the most played since it is the one that fans like the most.


Music critics have deemed “One” one of the highest rated pieces of music in history. The band went on to win their first Grammy thanks to this song. The solo of this song is on the list of the 100 best solos of all time (Position 7)

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