Best horror jokes to laugh

Look at the Best Horror Pranks to laugh with these videos that were the most shared in the entire past year. There is no doubt that when you want to play tricks on another person, you come up with the most terrifying pranks, but what these guys did exceeded the limits of laughter.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest things that has been replicated to men when they make horror jokes on them in the streets, is that they all run away leaving women to their fate. However, in the first joke that we will see in this video, the A young man who will be the victim of a “strange event” defended his girlfriend but as soon as the “entity’s” head falls off, he leaves in terror, once again leaving the girl he was with adrift.

The second joke that we noticed in the clip shows a freddy krueger willing to sow terror at night but being a fictional character no one will run so he will need an ally so that people completely believe the joke of sinking his claws in his stomach to later persecute those who witnessed the act in a masterful way that will even scare you just to see it.

And since in a compilation of jokes you cannot miss the clowns that are no longer funny, on the contrary they are very creepy, it can be seen how one of them is hidden in such a way that even though the camera can see it, the person who walks does not see it. When he takes a few good steps, the clown’s whistle is heard and then he sees how the person takes out a knife in defense but he did not count on the fact that the clown had two machetes to attack him. The chase turns intense when the clown is seen swinging machetes in the air intensely.

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Best horror jokes to laugh

But if a clown can terrify you, the worst thing is to walk through a forest and see how a person drags another by one arm as a clear sign of having done something besides having an ax in the other hand, even more so if he realizes it. that you visualized it and run because it seems that you will be the next victim.

Similarly, there can be no compilation videos without the typical clip of a person dressed in white with a black backpack throwing people. In these videos you can see how a man goes down the escalator as normal but suddenly the guy in white drops the suitcase quickly and then runs away. The frightened man looks on as he tries to climb against the ladder system to save his life.

One of the many jokes in this video is like “Samara”, the girl from the ARO appears by surprise to scare passersby at night and although some dare to confront her, it is not long before they see them run.

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