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Are you a fan of the band Coldplay and have a list of their best songs in your head? Then compare it with this ranking that we have made of their best songs, although we must tell you that they do not have an order of merit, so number 1 is not the best than the others.

This band formed in the year 1996 has had a great rise for what is in many important music lists as one of the best rock bands of all time.

10.In My Place

Released in 2002, the song “In My Place” is one of the singles that has sounded the most worldwide and the lyrics are very deep, which is why critics have praised it every time they have talked about it.

9. Adventure of a Lifetime

The band’s album 7 had a great single and its video clip took more than 6 months to record due to the technique they used to present it.

8.Hymn For The Weekend

This song managed to reach number 10 on the UK Singles Chart, it also became Coldplay’s 17th top 10 single, and the first place on the Lebanese Top 20.

7. A Sky Full Of Stars

«A Sky Full Of Stars» was written by all the members of the band and it seems that this was the greatest charm since it reached the top of several charts worldwide.

6. Fix You

The melody of this theme is one of the most important points in addition to the elements that compose it. It has three different versions of duration: Album, Videoclip and Radio

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Another of the songs that Coldplay has left for the history of rock is that this song has managed to obtain an incredible number on YouTube that is growing like wildfire every day.


The love that a girl did not return to Chris Martin was the argument to be able to create «Yellow». It also has the singularity of being the first song by the band to be able to reach the Top 5 in the UK. Ironic that a painful love makes you popular.


The Grammy Award for “Record of the Year” went to this song because of its great piano melody that can be heard. It is also written by the quartet.

2.The Scientist

The critics towards this topic were totally positive in all aspects and it is that the Band once again excelled in everything, making a song to remember forever.

1. Live life

There is not much to say about this Coldplay theme, only that it has managed to sell 5.2 million copies in the United States alone since 2011. The most popular charts around the world had her in first place for a long time.

Now that you know the best songs of the band, do you agree with us? Tell us what topic would have entered instead of those who are here and we will discuss it with everyone in a cordial and entertaining way.

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