50 Halloween costumes for couples

Did you finally get a girlfriend? For the first time you weren’t dumped before Halloween? Will it be your first Halloween with that special person? So make it unique and different just like these couples who overflowed with creativity, terror and happiness together.

Spend an extremely fun Halloween dressing up as any character that comes to mind or if you want you can be inspired by the characters of these couples who had a fantastic night next to the person they love with a touch of grace and fear.

50 Halloween costumes for couples

1. If you are a cat lover then this is the right costume for you.

2. Pirate costumes always tell the time at parties.

3. When you love “Adventure Hours” and she does too.

4. Ash and Pikachu ready to go out and have fun with the other Pokemon.

5. Creative Halloween Night Costumes

6. When you watch too much CSI and want to become one of them.

7. It is not necessary for them to dress the same to know that they are accompanied

8. If there are no limits to love, there are no limits to creativity either

9. The perfect complement.

10. When you want to stand out so everyone knows you have a girlfriend or boyfriend.

11. When you’re a movie buff and take advantage of Halloween to dress up as your favorite movie.

12. Some take this Halloween thing too seriously.

13. From so much drinking your favorite drink you become it.

14. Blue’s Clues

15. The Nightmare of the Halloween Party

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16. Et The alien brought this couple together and no one will separate them

17. A little weird but acceptable

18. A simple but pretty cool costume.

19. They look so happy together that we better not remind them that one day they will break up

20. Classics like “Greace” will never go out of style this holiday season.

21. When they love “Star Wars”

22. From saying so much “Doll” he believed it and he too.

23. When they love “Star Wars” Part II

24. Mario Bros and “luiga”

25. One of the best costumes for boyfriends

26. Cosmo and Wanda from Flesh and Blood (The Fairly OddParents)

27. When they love the same series so much that they decide to become the protagonists

28. Miley Cyrus is still a great costume for Halloween.

29. Imagining the future God level

30. The Innocent Red Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

31. When you save her after several worlds and she tells you YES

32. Chucky and his evil Girlfriend

33. Disney’s “Tangled”

34. When it comes to having fun as a couple but they take it very seriously

35. The Black Swan Male version

36. The Cookie Monster and “The Cookie”

37. Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket

38. Talent exists, we just need to support it

39. Spectacular costumes

40. When you take the party as an excuse and take revenge for all the times it made you cry

41. A very elegant couple

42. Cooking up pure love

43. This couple really lives Halloween

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44. When you find your perfect match

45. For couples who are bad with directions

46. ​​Popeye and Olivia Live Action

47. The winners of the night

48. When their love is very intense

49. When you love “Star War” Part III

50. When you forget to buy the costumes and improvise

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